Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wait? I What? I Won Something?!

I read tons of blogs. Like really, TONS. A lot of the blogs I follow do giveaways. Most of the time I think, "It would be cool to win that," but its usually never cool enough for me to put in the effort to win it (well, except that one time on Mormon Bachelor Pad). Last Tuesday I entered the giveaway on Casey Wiegand's blog  and it was something I really really wanted; a $35 item of my choice from BrideBlu. Today I was reading Casey's blog (like I do everyday. Its amazing. She is amazing. Please, check her out) and I noticed at the end of today's giveaway was MY NAME!
I literally started jumping up and down. In my office. While in heels. Yep, I am far too easily amused. This was definitely the highlight of my day. For sure.

Moral of the story: If you want to win, you must enter in the first place.
Profound. I know.

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  1. Yeah! I totally know that jumping up and down feeling ... I won a swimsuit in a giveaway over the summer (and I really, really wanted to win) and I swear I was on cloud for the whole week!

    So excited for you, sweetie! Your necklace will ship out this week!



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