Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A New Year, A Rat and Well, Life.

The past two months have been a bit odd in this here life of mine. Its almost as if I took a hiatus from being who I used to be, tried figuring out who I want to be, realized that I'm not sure of what I want yet and got all mixed up during. Now, I'm left with a new 22 year old version of myself still figuring out my life. Isn't it weird how you always are happy, content and think you have yourself figured out and then BOOM, you don't. I honestly think that is the beauty of life. You will never be completely figured out nor will you ever be completely stagnant in your own life. Things will always change. Things will always resolve. Things will always get better. 

Enough of that stuff. On to more important things. More specifically, the rat. I'm really going to shorten this story, but man, is it a good one. I came back to my cottage after spending the night at my parent's home and really wanted to shower. I started the shower, and decided to go to the bathroom while I waited for the shower to warm up (trust me this is pertinent). Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a stickler when it comes to the toilet. I have to keep it clean. I have to have the seat cover down at all times (except for when in use). It cannot be gross at all (because, well, toilets are already gross enough as it is). So imagine my surprise when I opened the lid of the toilet that the water was brown. Then imagine the even greater surprise I had when I noticed a long furry tail. I slammed the seat back down, screamed at the top of my lungs and then started to freak out (all while doing the "heeby-geeby dance"). Once I gained control of myself, I ran over to my landlord's house and started pounding on the poor woman's door. "Oh no, is you hot water out again Kaylee," she asked. "THERE IS A RATTTTT.... INNNNN.... MMMYYY .... TOILET!!!!" I most calmly replied. She ushered me into her home and called her son to come and take care of my rodent problem. Rita (my landlord) let me sit in her living room while she and her son, Adam, went into my house, fully equipped with a pool bucket, a pool net and a small boat oar (I have been assured that this IS what the professional use). They have a massive window that give me a perfect seat for watching the house. Ten minutes go by. Rita comes running out  and grabs a lid from the pool closet and then runs right back into my house. Ten more minutes pass. Then Rita comes running into the house and says, "I need to grab the BB gun." She has left my cottage door open and I see Adam running around inside. Apparently he removed the rat from my toilet and put it into the bucket, but then realized that there wasn't a lid. While he was waiting on his mom to bring him the lid, the rat jumped out and has been scurrying around my cottage for the last ten minutes. It has hid in my Christmas tree, my rug, my entertainment center, my desk, my dinning room table. Pretty much everywhere. Then, they leave the door open so I can see Adam take multiple attempts at shooting the rat. Who would have known that these rodents could survive five gunshot to the head? My rat did, all while spreading it's diseased blood over my house. At this point I was done and needed to grab some clothes and shower stuff so I could go change at a friend's house. I walked into what seemed like the bloody aftermath of a natural disaster. Rita, lovely lovely Rita, cleaned all the blood for me, but I still had to super disinfect my house. Eventually the rat was worn down and let Adam scoop him up and toss him into the back yard. I keep having terrible nightmares where a zombie rat comes into my house at night and tries to kill me. Nothing traumatic or anything. I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to watch this movie again:
This site has great information on what you should do if a rat is in your toilet. DO NOT SHOOT WITH A BB GUN.

Other than that, my last few months have not been very epic. I had a wonderful Christmas, a good New Years and a birthday. I'm starting to get slightly depressed over birthdays now. They aren't all fun and games as they used to be. Diana and Gask tried warning me that once you hit 22, its all downhill from there. I guess I am starting to believe them now. I think they were referring to looks though :) 

I also have made a resolution to become a better person all around. No specific resolutions. I never keep them and almost always get disappointed in myself when I do't. This year, I will not set my self up for that disappointment. So far, my resolutions have been a success! What have you been up to? What are your grand schemes for this New Year?

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