Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Dear Work,
I feel like I'm always hanging out with you. Seriously. I see you more than my own husband. That's a problem. I really hope he isn't jealous.
Dear Husband,
You are awesome. You make me laugh and smile so dang much. Thanks for letting me tell you about how much I drooled on my pillows last night. You were so attentive and my drool and I really appreciated it. We know you really love us.
Dear Walgreens Photo Center.
Should it really take this long to upload 460 wedding photos??? I think you're trying to stress me out as some kind of evil joke. Are you? ARE YOU!!!!!

Dear Joe and Christina,
You guys are getting married on Friday. IT was supposed to be this March, but now it is Friday. I'm freaking the heck out. The King and I are still currently playing rock, paper, scissors over whether or not we can make the trip. Don't you just love how indecisive we are???! Regardless we are totally stoked for you both and really hope we can come.
Dear The Book Clubbers,
Are you excited to be reading Across the Universe by Beth Revis? I've had so many people tell me I need to read this one and I've never done it. I guess I'll be reading it now. I hope it is as good as everyone tells me it is.
Dear Book Swappers,
Be on the lookout for an email soon about who you are swapping with. I'm so excited that so many of you joined in! We're going to have a blast!!!!! P.S. I totally forgot to get your email addresses on the form. This should be fun.


  1. oh, man! I was gonna sign up for the book swap, but then I forgot!

  2. Kaylee?!!! Its Marilyn from church (you know the one that is dreading to teach RS on sunday lol) I found your blog through another blog I just subscribed to-How wonderful, it looks like you need to teach me a few things on this whole blog thing. Love your blog by the way-See you sunday


  3. So where do I sign up for the book swap? I could email you, but I'm far too lazy. :)


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