Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This Is Why I LOVE Them

This month I had a STELLAR set of sponsors. These ladies are magnificent, wonderful, delightful and all other cute and catchy phrases I could possibly use to describe them. Seriously though, I just adore these ladies and am SO GRATEFUL to them for letting me work with them for the month.

To show you how incredible they are, I thought I'd share my favorite posts from them this month....

Kim at Wanderlustee
Her, "Have you laughed today?" post is hilarious. Especially with the video at the end.

Her, "Yahoo! Q&A thinks I'm an Idiot. The neighbor's magical night," post is one of those, "wow, I guess I'm an idiot too," kind of posts.

I wish I had a picture to describe this post, but I don't. So Instead I just used a super cute picture of her familia. Trust me, her "The time an old woman saw me naked," post is a MUST READ.

Her, "Today I am Thankful For... {My husband}," post reminds us all where it's at. Seriously, the cutest couple ever.

Her, "Wisdom," post is the BEST reminder. Great words to live by.

Anna at Days When I'm Not a Nurse
Her, "My Baking Binge," post has the CUTEST looking cupcakes ever. I seriously want her recipe.

Jill at To Fetch a Pail of Water
Her, "Green Thumb?" post shows just how awesome this amazing friend of mine is. She not only gardens, but is flair bar tending too.

Marilyn at PinkBambina
Her, "Cross Country, and I'm Not Talking About Running," post is the start to her new adventure in a new town. Give her some love and support!

Kristen at This Radient Life
Her, "When Your Coworkers Raid Your Blog Pictures," post, is well, my favorite thing ever. She knows this. I know this. And, well you all now know this.

Alexis at Living the Wifestyle
Her, "Hello, There," post is the best reminder and heartfelt letter about blogging. I think I feel like this at least once a month.

Hopefully you enjoy their posts and blogs as much as I truly do.

Join me and the rest of the Blogger Book Club for the video chat tomorrow night. Don't worry if you didn't read the book or all of it. Neither did Alyx and I. We'll still have fun. 8pm EST. Email me if you want to join!

OHHHH and we're planning the next few months books now to prevent backlog on waiting lists for books, so help us out and give some suggestions! December is any book that you want to read AS LONG as it was made into a movie. Seriously, it's going to be LEGIT!


  1. I love this post!!

    I want to do one like it. I also want to start posting maybe every two weeks with blogs on read on the regular and why i love them...i don't mind reading sponsor posts when I can tell that the blogger really does read and enjoy the blogs that are his/her sponsors!! :)

  2. I think this is so fun! I love that you give your commentary on each post too. Priceless!

    I need to take more funny pictures of myself. Everyone loves them.

  3. You are my favorite! What a fun post idea!! IT is so much fun to sponsor you :)

  4. I love this!!
    Thanks for helping the world know of my ridiculousness! :)
    And for being a slacker with me this month.
    And for being awesome in general.

  5. What a fantastic way to show your sponsors some love!! Love this!!
    You have such a great blog. It's my new daily read :)

    xo, Laura

  6. Thanks for the shout out! seriously, let me know if you want the recipe! It's super easy. :)


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