Thursday, November 1, 2012

October... via Instagram

I seriously cannot believe how quickly the year has flow by. Thanks to Hurricane Sandy and the rest of the super storm, we have had some pretty awesome fall weather here in good 'ole Florida. It's been a VERY chilly 58 degrees outside and it's been awesome.
Other than October being the most obvious best month of the year, I'd thought I'd share October's love through pictures.
Halloween putt-putt golfing for Laurel's birthday; Walking around with Ry during General Conference; The King and I at Amber's homecoming football game; Young homecoming love!
Aunt/niece love with my girls; I may have pulled her tooth just so she could get a dollar... or because it was loose; Fall carnival with the King; Last trip to Hogsmead as a student! 
First day in my new job, and my reunification with business clothing; Ward trunk-or-treat with the King and a random fairy princess holding her wand?; Witches Night Out with my lover girl, Jess; Halloween with the Ry child... buzzzzzzz.
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  1. I can't believe how fast October flew by!!! How is it already November???

    In any event ,I'm excited for chilly weather (it's been weirdly warm up here!) and for thanksgiving and christmassss decorations!!! huzzahh!!

    can't wait to read november's book! (unless its gone girl, already read that one! but it was great!)

  2. I am loving your outfit that you wore for your first day at the new job! I would think someone had waved a magic wand over my closet if I found myself in posession of such a darling outfit =). Will you bring that wand of yours to CO and wave it over my closet?


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