Monday, October 19, 2009

...2009 October General Conference...

Like I said before I had the opportunity to go to conference... The Friday I was in Utah was more devoted to having fun, but Saturday and Sunday were all about spiritual growth... Saturday morning Tom Christensen picked me up bright and early and we drove into Salt Lake for the first session of conference... I'd never been into Slat Lake before, nor had I ever been to conference, so I was like a little kid that was super amazed at everything! It was cold, and beautiful and the number of members were amazing! There is definitely nothing like it and the excitement you feel isn't just excitement, its the Spirit too...We got there early enough to be moved up closer than our seats really were and we ended up being like 5 rows behind the families of the General Authorities... I was in awe and couldn't help but be excited the entire time... I'm sure plenty of the Florida members were excited when they announced the Fort Lauderdale Temple, but let me tell you what, actually being in the conference center for that announcemnt was something else... I started to cry and couldn't contain my happiness... I'm sure Tom thought I was a nuts.... Conference is always the best and always amazing, but being there in person to hear the messages that our Heavenly Father has for us through His servents here on this earth is AMAZING! I'm truly blessed to have Prophets and Apostles who are worthy preisthood holders that can deliver those messages and that truely love us Saints... After the first session, Tom and I went over to the Visitor Center and walked around and then we tried finding some lunch (which was a major fail!) and we had to hurry back to get into the second session.... It was amazing too! There were a lot of talks that reminded me of my family and that I need to tell them and show them that I love them more! Tom had to leave that session early so he could go pick up his former companion from the mission, so I was going to have to entertain myself for the two hours before Preisthood session and the two hours during and I was kind of bummed about it, until I saw sister Reid, Joey from before's mom.... seriously, SMALL WORLD! She was really excited to see me and invited me to go around with her girls and her to see all the sights at temple square! Seriously, the Lord was looking out for me!

We went to go eat at Crown Buger, which is pretty much the most delicious burger joint on the planet! And then after Crown Burger we went to the Beehive house, which was Brigham Young's house in Salt Lake... After that we hit up the Distribution Center and then the Church Bookstore was having Ladies' Night, where during the two hours of Preisthood session, everything is discounted for the ladies and they bring in church musical acts and speakers... I got to meet Hilary Weeks!!!! She is spectacular! After the Ladies night thing I went out to eat with Tom and tow of his former mission comps. and one of their wives...

We went and ate at this Brazillian resturaunt named Tucanos! It was fantastic! They bring around like 13 different meats and cut them right off the skewer for you... It was delicious! After that Tom and I needed to find a Wal*Mart so I could get lunchables for Aaron and my picnic that we were going to have before the Sunday afternoon session... The cool thing about Utah is you pretty mcu hcan see everything because of the elevation and all the roads are on a grid system, but we could not get to the Wal*Mart that we could see.... It took us forever!!! Needless to say, we did finally accomplish our goal and I did get the lunchables... Tom was disgusted in the lunchables, but I had to explaint to him that that is what every kid begs thier mom to put in their school lunch in the US (he's from Canada)... Also I was amazed that in Wal*Mart out in Utah they ahve an LDS book, music, and MOVIE section! HOW AWESOME!
That night I literally crashed when I hit the bed and was ready to sleep until Sunday morning session...
Aaron picked me up in the morning and it was raining, but we were determined to have our picnik anyway, so we huddled together under the conference center eating our lunchables getting the weirdest looks from people... they just can't appreciate a good time when they see it! Then we went into the conference center and it was one of the best sessions ever! Elder Holland gave the most amazing talk which was really his testimony of the Book of Mormon.... it was so great!
After conference, I was supposed to get to see Morgan Boone, an old friend that lived in my home ward growing up, but her phone was off, so Aaron and I decided to go to the MTC and answer some phone calls that the referral center, but I guess they'll keep it open every SUnday EXCEPT conference Sundays? werid if you ask me.... but by that point Morgan called me and we drove to go see her... I got to meet her boyfriend, Brad, who is just awesome for her! He s hilarious, and totally didn't take offense to me going on about how much older a person in when they are 30 and you are 19.... Well Morgan being 20 and him being 30 made me really feel like I should have quit while I was ahead, and I guess I should have noticed the looks Aaron was giving me to quit, but I think it was all good by the end of the conversation.... they seriously are perfect for each other!
At that point I was really tired, so Aaron drove me home, where I packed, got one of the most exciting phone calls ever from my friend Lauren Baas, and then slept to prepare for my 9 hours of flying I had to do the next day..... Morgan picked me up in the morning and drove me to the airport and I flew from Salt Lake to Denver, Colorado, then to Dallas, Texas (both of which had INSANELY HUGE airports) and then into Tallahassee, Florida by 9 pm where my amazing roommate Tiara picked me up....

Pretty much I miss Utah and the mountains! I loved the trip and it was one of the best exeriences I could have ever asked for! I was very blessed to be able to go and to see the things I'd never gotten to before and to make more friends and to make a lot of great memories!


  1. I loved Elder Holland's talk too! Cool that you met Hillary Weeks; I'm singing one of her songs at our Visiting Teaching conference on Saturday.

  2. LUCKY! I'm so jealous. I have never been to conference. Maybe I will get to go one day when the kids are older. Oh by the way you are so cute! I love your outfits and how you do your hair. Next time I'm at my parents you need to come by and help me get outa this mom style I'm stuck in.


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