Wednesday, October 14, 2009

...A Girl's Weekend...

About three weekends ago I got to spend time with my roommate Tiara and her three lovely nieces Makai (8), Rayden(7), and Payton(3)... The are all so rambunctious and hilarious! They got here on a Friday night and we took them to the Downtown Getdown (the city of Tallahassee puts on this street fair every Friday night before a home FSU football game)... There was a DJ, street vendors, face painting, balloon artists, ice cream, jewelry making, Moon Jumps, and so much more... I think the girls loved it!

Saturday we went to the Brogan Museum in downtown and got to play around there and made play dough and got to do experiments on electricity... After the museum we ate at Chick-fil-a and the girls got to play on the playground... That night we ate at Sonny's (ummmm how I love Sonny's!) and went to go see the movie, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs.... it was decent... hopefully my kids won't drag me to see movies like that though (knock on wood)...

Basically Makai and Rayden, who were sisters, Payton was their cousin, reminded me of Lindsey and I.... Makai loves to sing and is full of random knowledge... She knows EVERYTHING! while Rayden was the life of the party... She was always causing playful mischief and was always into how she looked.... I'll let ya'll figure out which one was me and which is Lindsey, but I think its obvious!

Tiara got a lot of pictures with her camera so I'll have to post some of them later but here is one of me and Payton with her butterfly

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