Monday, October 12, 2009

...Busy Busy Busy...

Between starting at the Clerk's office full-time and having to go between two offices now (the actual courthouse and then the remote office off Sharer road, an extra 15 minutes from my house) combined with church, missionary work, and trying to be a good friend, I am busy busy busy.... that has also made me get behind in the blogging area... that alone makes me want to cry, so I promise (and I write this as more of a reminder ot myself then as information to the reader) to blog about my weekend with Tiara and her neices, my trip to Utah for conference, my new job, and also the temple trip to Orlando this last weekend... Its sad when you have an addiction that you can't spend all your time on... sucks when you become a real adult and have to spend all of your time working instead of going to school for 6 hours coming home and doing barely any homework and watch Deadliest Catch while you sit on the computer and eat (ahhhhh the good ole days).... nope instead I get to deal with waking up at the crack of dawn driving to work and working with angry customers all day then drive home to go to church and then to drive back home and crash... but hey, its my life, and I wouldn't trade it for the world!


  1. ahhh I know how you feel!! But I understand how you feel=)

  2. Yes the life of a real adult, just wait sweet pea there is more to come!!!! Love You!


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Love Kaylee


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