Wednesday, October 21, 2009

...The New Hobby...

Everyday on my way home from work I pass by this pumpkin patch that this local church has going on... I guess when I ride by it with my windows down in the fall air (YES! there is a fall in Tallahassee!!!) I can't help but feel like it really is fall and it reminds me of why its my favorite time of year... I love Halloween, not for the scary, spooky aspect, but more so because of the cute carved pumpkins and then cute kids running around and all of the silly Disney movies like Hocus Pocus and Halloweentowns 1 - 1000.... It also really makes me miss my best friend from Leesburg, Laurel, who is going to school at UF (boooooo, like the kind of boo when you don't like something, not the trying to scare someone boo)... we used to relish this time of year together...

But back to what I originally was talking about, the pumpkin patch... Everyday I pass by it, the setting sun starts to shine through the trees by it and there are always a ton of kids running around picking out their pumpkin... To me it looked like the perfect picture of Fall... thus my new hobby: photography... I've decided that I am going to start taking a picture a day for 100 days while reading up on photogrpahy techniques so that I can thus have a new hobby/talent... hopefully by the end of it I will have that talent and a pretty tight portfolio! I've always wanted to be the mom who can take awesome action shots of her kids when they are doing their thing, be it sports or dance or just sleeping, so I think I need to learn now, so when they finally get here I'll be ready to document their lives in a really unique way! With all of that said, I created a new blog just for the pictures.... it's and I'll post a picture that I have taken every day for 100 days (maybe more if I feel like it)... I plan on actually stopping by the said pumpkin patch today and take that piture of fall and post it tonight! Wish me luck!


  1. I can't wait to see the pictures! I was just talking with Uncle Nathan about the two of us taking a photography class together. Kudos on the background; I love it!

  2. Get good and I will have a free photographer for my kids!!! yeah!

  3. We need family pics really bad, so if your ever in Arizona come on over.


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