Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Disney World.

Lindsey was in the hospital this weekend so I took Amber with me to Orlando to have some fun. Ben put it properly when I asked Amber if she was having more fun with me than at the hospital. He turned to me and said, "Who wouldn't have more fun hanging out with you in your cottage and at Disney than at the hospital." Okay its true; almost anything is more fun than hanging out in the hospital. Regardless, Amber got to go to Disney on Saturday with Ben and I. We used the passes mom and dad had and went on over to Magic Kingdom, which was closed due to Grad Night. Then we went over to EPCOT, which closed an hour later. It was fun though. We walked around the countries and rode the Nemo ride (all crammed together in an oyster shell). Amber got a henna tattoo (far too overpriced) and we got shut down numerous times when trying to get a churro as the park was closing. I really enjoyed having Amber around for the weekend and I hope she enjoyed being around too (I did not enjoy her punching me in the face in her sleep... not a fun way to wake up in the middle of the night).

Also, in current affairs, I thought this was fitting:

To read about Osama's death go here.

P.S. I am still obsessed with the Royal Wedding...
I swoon....

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