Thursday, May 5, 2011

Feeling Generous?

Anyone feeling a little generous out there? If you do, why don't you get me something practical, yet stylish all at the same time? I am obsessed with etsy and I pinterested upon this little gem of a shop. Go ahead, buy me this little trinket:
My address is 247 West Ventris Avenue, Maitland, Florida 32751. Thanks, I really do appreciate it.


  1. I LOVE etsy!! I cannot go to that website because I want to buy everything.

  2. I know! Etsy is so bad for anyone's wallet or paypal account!


Thanks for the comment you sweet person you! If it is a question or something for me to reply to, check back here as I tend to answer through the comments. I appreciate all the love!

Love Kaylee


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