Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today I got the $1 an hour raise I really wanted. I really hope it helps me continue to be patient as I grow within this job and helps me be a little bit more pleasant.

Usually I dread coming to class, but not this one. It's hard, but the teacher actually teaches and I feel like I'm back to my nerdy, school loving self again. Knock on wood.

Every time I think about Ben I smile. He really makes me super happy. I'm lucky to have a man like him in my life. Every girl should want one.

Should I go abroad, or shouldn't I? That seems to be the question on my mind lately. I really want to and I think I would love it, except I would miss letter "E" too much.

Disney is where I spent my last weekend. Amber, her friend Alexis and Ben were with me and we managed to hit up three of the parks. My feet are still killing me.

All I want is for my professor to show up........ Where is she? Class was supposed to start 6 minutes ago....

Yes, I am a lucky girl. I love my life, and this Tuesday is turning out to be pretty swell after all.


  1. kaylee my love i have been thinking about you lately! I'm glad to hear you had a nice tuesday! studying abroad is awesome but honestly i don't know if i would do it thru a school again... you could always wait til your *ahemahem* honeymoon or something

  2. Sara! I have been thinking about you for the past three days! The past few mornings I say to myself, "I really need to call my Sara Love!" I think I will. Today. :) I love you and miss you so so so FREAKING much.


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