Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Friday Letters on a Wednesday.

Dear Amor,

Thank you for being so great this whole first month together. I don't know anyone else that could love me like you do especially when I lost my job AND made you take the cheesy "one month" picture just like all those mom bloggers do.

Dear AT&T,

As much as I love have hour long conversation with you, I prefer it to be a very rare occasion. Also, that problem we talked about in great length earlier this month? I thought it was resolved. Thanks for ignoring it until I contacted you today. I know it was because you missed the sound of my voice and not because you are a money stealer.

Dear Wizarding World of Harry Potter,

Thank you for calling me back or a second interview. I know you won't pay NEARLY as much as a legal career, but I know I will be far more happier working under you than my previous job.

Dear Kids I'm Babysitting,

Thank you for reading books and playing puzzles. Thank you even more for always wanting to watch a movie which allows me time to blog.

Dear Rain,

I love you. I know most people want you to go away, but I'd like to keep you around for a while longer. Please just dot cause me to wreck my car before we can sell it, so I can afford a new one.


Dear Bloggers Who Want a New look,

I'm designing now. Email me at BrightandBeautifulBlog {at} gmail {dot} com and we'll talk it out. Pricing is SUPER flexible so I would love to work with you.



  1. Aww, congrats on one month!!
    Ugh I HATE AT&T. Dealing with them is a nightmare. I feel your pain! haha
    Say, friend, did you get my email? My email has been really finicky lately, so I just wanted to make sure!

  2. Cute picture! Good luck with the interviews!

  3. Crap, Ive been wanting to switch to at&t because internet is sooooo slow on sprints data plan

  4. I don't deal with AT&T in Canada but I've not heard good things about it. Good luck with the interviews and finding a job you love:)

  5. Ahhhh so cool working for the Wizarding World, I hope you get it!! I sometimes wonder what it'd be like to just quit my job and run to Disneyland and work there. Sigh. Haha


  6. The 1 month photo is adorable!!!!

    Have a great week!


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Love Kaylee


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