Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Know. I'm Horrible.

I said this to my two lovely co-=sponsors of The Book Club last night and I'll tell it to you as well, I am horrible. June had been a very blah blog month for me. I think it was coming off a honeymoon to losing my job, then job hunting, getting a new job all while trying to figure out this whole, "hey, I'm married and there is always another person around" thing. I'm sorry for being so neglectful of all of my sweet followers and for not reaching out to you all so much more. I am sorry to my sponsors and those I sponsor for not being so involved this month. I really think I'm starting to get a better grasp on my new life and the schedule that comes with it, so hopefully I won't be this horrible again. Hopefully. 

Okay, on to more fun and read-worthy things....

Today is the last day to enter The Book Club's June Book Giveaway!!! I'll announce the winner tomorrow. 
Also, I have open sports still available for ad swapping in July. Email me at: BrightandBeautifulBlog {at}  gmail {dot} com if you are interested! Its the easiest and no strings attached kind of sponsoring out there!
Voting for The Book Club's July book is underway! Please, take time to just click on the book you would be interested in reading. Even if you don't participate, the more votes we get is a better, more well-rounded choice for those of us who read it! 

Oh! And the The Book Club June link-up is THIS Friday!!! I cannot believe it is already here. If you read Mindy Kaling's book, Is Everyone Hasging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), then please join us!! So excited to have you. Click here for more info. 
Okay, back to non-blog-business life.... I had a crazy week last week. Let's refer to it as "The Week Kaylee Went to/Saw Two Weddings and a Funeral." I really only went to the two weddings, but I did see a funeral procession pass by during the week, so I thought it would count.... right? RIGHT?

On Monday, we had Amanda and Milton's wedding over at the GORGEOUS Grand Floridian Resort and Spa down at Disney. Here are some of my pictures (please excuse the poor quality of my iPhone camera):
First Dance = So Sweet.
I swear my eyes are fully open and that I am not drunk.
The cake that Amanda bedazzled herself.
First kiss as man and wife.
LOVE their facial expressions.
Throwing feathers was a wayyy better idea than bird seed.
Grand Floridian's announcement for their wedding.
Our own personalized menus and embroidered napkins.
Then Thursday, Friday and Saturday, my other good friends, Sara and Chad tied the knot. The got married in Orlando at the LDS Temple and then we booked it over to Tampa on Saturday for their ring ceremony and reception:
A blurry picture of Chad's sweet wedding present to Sara: Custom Jones bottles.
The Bride's maids! 
Mrs. Sara Mac and Queen B. Gwyn
Beautiful cake made by Sara's sister!
The Mac-Gwyn family.
I was in charge of the make-up the entire weekend, including eyelash mishaps.
The groom's cake by Sara's sister.

Antique furniture made for the best guest book signing.
First dance as a married couple.
She placed and he SHOVED.

Some random old couple having a BLAST in the photobooth!
The King and I.
To quote my sister-in-law (who is also engaged), "Kaylee, you go to more wedding a month then I do in a year." Yes, this is true. Yes, I am excited that wedding season is done for the Gwyn clan. Yes, I will admit that every time I get an invitation in the mail, I act like I'm sooooo over weddings when in reality I'm silently celebrating that I got invited to another wedding in my head. I think weddings are magic. I think they are so special and should be celebrated. My bank account is not always so happy to get another invitation though. Let's just say, the King and I are becoming wedding professionals.

Well, I better skedaddle. I start my training at the WWoHP today and I need to go freshen up on my Harry Potter knolwedge. So excited and I cannot wait to report back on how magnificent it is to work there.


  1. Oh Kaylee... I know exactly how you feel! I feel the same way! It's been a crazy month :) Beautiful weddings! I love that pink dress you're wearing!

    1. Thanks so much! I got the dress from Downeast Basics. I've missed you so much Katie! I feel like everyone has had an off blogging month or something. How is your precious new sleeping beauty????

  2. I love your polka dot dress!! So cute!
    And I know how crazy life can get - don't apologize for having a life outside of blogging.

    1. Its so weird how much you love blogging and then you realize that it really isn't as important as you or others are making it out to be. It should NEVER interfere with your real life. So excited to be working with you in July!!!


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