Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's 9:30 at Night...

... and I'm sitting next to the King.

"I didn't blog today."
"Is it too late?"
"Well, I guess not..."
"What would you even blog about? We've been sitting in the house all day working and watching Lost. We'll need to start doing blog worthy things so that you don't have to write about that same thing over and over again."
 And that, my friends, is how your husband helps you write your blog post. At 9:30 at night.

Over in the cottage, I am still jobless and I have been scouring the internet and Orlando for a job. The King has been working his tooshie off, but both of us being in the house all day has made it almost impossible for us to stay on task.
So, it's now 9:35 and I think I'll join my husband back on the couch (that was supposed to be a love-seat... but that is a whole other story) and watch at least three more episodes of Lost before we hit the sack.

After all... there is no way we will be able to do this same thing day in and day out for much longer. We might as well enjoy it while we can.
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  1. yup...soak it in!! :) Dustin and i do that when we can too! (But with the Office)

  2. I hope you find a job soon :) I'm all the way in New Jersey and finding a job for the summer is turning up horribly. I'll keep you in my prayers! <3

  3. Haha, definitely enjoy those moments of nothingness, because they are the best.
    Good luck with the job hunt!!

  4. Oh I've had enough I'm ready to be active haha! Thank you!


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