Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sponsor Lovin' - June Edition

Just wanted to share with you the people that have made my blogging dream so much more fun. These ladies are my sponsors, aka my new besties. They are fun, fantastic and full of great ideas. Please, let them feel the love... get to know them a bit through me and then click on over to their little pieces of home in the blog-o-sphere for more of who they really are.

Mary Kate//From the Guest Room
Hello! My name is Kate Wise (or mK) and I am a wife to Dustin Wise, current resident of Nashville, TN and a lover of all things creative! I enjoy writing and telling stories, so on my blog you will find lots of posts on things that make me come alive; people, fashion, food, crafting, life, faith and so much more. Be my guest and come say hello!
Megan//And Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson
I love Snickers, Double Stuf Oreos, swimming, snow cones, to-do lists, dancing, rainstorms, reading, ARIZONA, pretending to be fancy & my boys. I graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Human Development. I am currently blogging for the Stronger Marriage Blog and hanging out with my chubby boyfriend all day (referring to Eli, not Adam though he hangs out with us sometimes too :))
Hey, I'm Kristen from Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! Im an Army wife/blog designer, who just moved to Germany with my Hubby. I hope you'll follow us on our journey in a new country! Cant wait to meet you :)
Hi! My name is Cami and though I am not an expert in blogging, (a bit terrified actually) I decided that I'd like to have a place to share my thoughts and idea. I think I might have a thing or two to offer. The idea is for women of all ages to feel they have what it takes to feel beautiful and amazing! I REALLY mean that!!! Plus, if you are really lucky, you might have it right in front of you and haven't quite figured that out yet :)and if your desire is there, but you lack a large budget, I promise I can find just about ANYTHING cheaper. Seriously!! Please feel free to share any thoughts or suggestions as we encounter this new experience together! There's only rule... to look in the mirror and tell yourself... "I'm amazing"
Katie//The Lee Family Happenings
Hi, I'm Katie! Wife to Anthony Mama to Liam and Aurora (just born!). My blog is combination of things I love most: family, healthy living, and baking. Stop on by, I would love to meet you!
Laura//Wander Lust
Something about myself: I always do what I think will make me happiest, regardless of how other people may judge me for it. I'm a hard worker and I work a lot. I hope to be a phenomenal photographer one day :)
Jess//Jess is More
Hi there – I’m Jess! I am a coffee-obsessed mom to a crazy pup and crazier cats. I will be Jeremiah’s wife in a few months. One day I got tired of sitting on my bootay and not living. My blog follows my mission to do more and get the most out of life – after my caffeine fix, of course.
Rachel//Along the Way with Rae
My name is Rachel, and I blog over at Along The Way With Rae. My parents call me "Rae" all the time and I love that nickname, but no one else calls me that, so hence my use of "Rae" in my blog name :) I am a 20-something, college student, new to the blogging world. I've had my blog since February, and I must say that I LOVE BLOGGING and all of the wonderful bloggers out there. Blogging is my outlet. It's my way to express myself and get my thoughts out there. I am a Christian gal, and God is, and always will be at the center of my life and at the core of my blog. I love being encouraged by other Christian bloggers and wanted to do the same! You will also find the musings and randoms of my every day life and experiences, Pinterest finds, style inspiration, or anything else that may be on my mind or heart. Now come on over and say hi, I love meeting new people, and it would make my day if you were one of them! :)
Kirstie//You + Me = We
My name is Kirstie Semler I am 21 and madly in love I grew up in Lake Forest CA Moved to St. Geezy when I was 12 Moved to Orem at 18 I have an identical twin sister :) I am studying to become an elementary school teacher I love writing and am hoping to become an author on the side I was my husbands first girlfriend I am slightly addicted to DIY projects-slowly but surely I wish I was a fashion guru I love my Heavenly Father with all my heart I sometime dream in tv episodes Michael is my rock,light and world I started this to blog to share day to day stories, new recipes I have tried, and simple DIY projects that I happen upon. And maybe at some point post about my books.
"Emma from MyLife and Things is 33 and from Hampshire in the UK. By day she is an Event Manager and by night she loves getting involved in her local community, reading, socialising, researching her family history and much more! The blog started as a place to share stories of completed bucket list tasks, but it has grown into much more .. and long may it continue! The blog is still in it's fledgling state and she appreciates visitors, constructive criticism and suggestions, so feel free to stop by and say hi!"
Beth//Dot in the City
I started blogging in August 2010 ...I enjoy it more than I expected! Since then I have met so many amazing bloggers and online shop owners who inspire me. I hope we can connect!
Hope you get to know these lovely lovely ladies like I do.
Oh, and I hope you are loving Mindy Kaling's book as much as I am. Its freaking hilarious.
Join us for The Book Club!

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