Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason Blogger Book Club Review

If you haven't read (or seen) Bridget Jones Dairy or the Squeal  Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, you are missing the heck out! 
I read the first book after I saw the movies (and watched them on repeat) and I decided to read the second one since it is a movie too (Renee Zellweger is hilarious as a Brit). So, here is my attempt at a tribute to one of my favorite movies/books (P.S. If you are wondering who Mia is, click here):

Weight: 140 pounds, Number of Calories Eaten: 800, Alcohol “Units” Consumed: none (huzzah!), Cigarettes Smoked: none (double huzzah!), Moments Spent Having Negative Thoughts: a few…, Posts for this Week on My Blog: 1 (poor, MUST IMPROVE), Number of Boyfriends: 0, as I am now a Smug Married! 

 This past month has REALLY been killer. Not only have I had to wake up every day and go into office (bore), I’ve had to function as a normal human being (since that is what I am supposed to be). The holidays are everywhere I turn and I’m desperately trying to get my shopping done before Wednesday. Maybe that will be what I do after work. That, or go cuddle my husband (do love being a smug married). 

7am Alarm goes off. Snooze.
7:09 Snooze again.
7:18 Really will get out of bed now.
7:22 Oops, did I fall back asleep? Well, I’m up now and I must get in the shower.
7:45 Geez! Shower, yes, must shower. Really need to figure out a different morning routine.
8:15 Kiss the King and am off to work! Yeah for being a contributing member of a successful marriage.
8:31 Late for work. By a minute. Wish I had been early instead.
8:35 Ugh….. work. Only 7 hours and 55 minutes left! Huzzah!!!
10:30 IT’S ONLY BLOODY 10:30????
11:53 Lunch is soon. I wonder if I can skip off this early. No, should wait the 7 minutes.
12:35 Ommm nommm noommmm Subway. Wait, too many calories in this. Must hit up the gym on the way home.
1:45 I should probably get a gym membership if I am going to “hit up the gym on the way home.”
2:15 Christina just rang to remind me about the party tonight. Completely forgot! Should be exciting, except that Mia girl will be there. Bummer. Maybe I can drink enough eggnog to get over this? Will consult my lovely husband. Do love that man.
4:59 WORK IS DONE!!!
7:30 Duh, running late once again. Really must work on my time management skills.
10:30 Party was fun. That Mia girl cracked me up. She was drooling all over herself and could barely put two words together. I really would feel bad for her, but she is trying to steal my husband’s love and I will not let that happen. Oh well. Off to bed so I can wake up on time tomorrow.
11:50 Pride and Prejudice is on the Telly! Cannot wait to see the part where the scrumptious Collin Firth jumps into the fountain. Swoon. Oops, the King just stirred. Really must be more considerate now that I am a happily smug married.

Link Up with Alyx, Kim and I! What book have you read that was turned into a movie??


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    1. Thanks! I'm glad someone read it lol. I realized later, after rereading it, that I probably should have put somewhere in the post that this is EXACTLY what most of the book looks like.


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