Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Weekend, 
I am so happy that you are almost here! I cannot believe this week has flown by and that you and I will be reunited again. Lets promise to just relax together and enjoy our sweet time. Sound like a plan? Good!
Love, your bestest friend - Kaylee

Dear Hubby,
Thanks for loving me. Even when I say things like, "well, I won't be with you anyway if that happens," when we are signing our Estate Planning documents and I'm trying to explain to you what it means when you are in a "terminal state." You know I'll be with you forever. That's not what I meant.
Love, your scatter-brained and horrible spoken wife - Kaylee

Dear Work Week,
Thank you for being quick, painless and over in about 40 minutes.
Love, your hard-ish working worker - Kaylee

Dear Craft Night,
Thanks for being the most fun I've ever had with crafts. You were so successful and have now created a monster. Thank you. 
Love, your glitter obsessed crafter - Kaylee

Dear New Sponsors and Bloggy Friends.
I have no clue where you guys come from or why you are so amazing, but I am so happy to have you in my life and to be apart of yours. No one outside of our little bloggy-world gets it they way y'all do, and for that, I am a changed and grateful woman.
Love, your fellow blogger - Kaylee



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks lady :) It's always nice to hear that, because I continually think that I am crazy and a weirdo lol

  2. Hahaha, "terminal state". I would probably say something grossly insensitive too. That's what I get for having worked in a nursing home for over a year!

    And you deserve all of the awesome bloggy goodness! You are wonderful :)

  3. I love your blog! You also look so beautiful in your side bar photo. Super cute post!
    Almost Endearing


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Love Kaylee


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