Friday, December 21, 2012

If We Survive

This is Friday Letters, 12/21/2012 style:
Dearest Husband,
If we survive the end of the world, I promise to be more diligent in washing the dishes. I know you say you like doing them all the time, but we really know you are just trying to preserve our happy marriage. Also, I promise not to come home and grab your bad fingers anymore, NO MATTER HOW EXCITED I AM TO SEE YOU!
Your creature.
Dearest Holiday Weekend,
If we survive the end of the world today, I promise to cherish every last moment of you. I promise to take as many mental pictures that I can and to really show the love of Christ throughout this holiday season. Also, I promise not to try and tell everyone what their presents are before they open them, nor will I attempt to figure mine out.
Your biggest fan.
Dearest Car,
If we survive the end of the world, I promise you will not be overly used this weekend. Actually, I cannot promise that at all. I can only promise that you will get to spend a lot of time with the King and I as we drive to grandmother's house, mom's house (multiple times over), mother-in-law's house and back to the cottage.
Your happy owner.
Dearest Christmas Tree and Twinkle Lights,
If we survive the end of the world today, I promise that I will keep you up all year round. I can't promise that my husband won't thwart this plan, but I can try. Last year we made it to March before he brought you down. That was because he wasn't living with us. He is this year. I promise to try my hardest.
Your biggest fan.
Dearest Katie Love,
If we survive the end of the world, I promise that I won't wait until the next end of the world to see you. I am so excited to see your beautiful face tonight and I know it has been far to long. In a world such as this, it is great to have an incredibly loving friend like you. I am blessed.
You undeserving friend.
 Dearest End of the World,
If we survive the end together, I promise not to laugh at you for being wrong. I promise to not to never believe you again. I mean you have to be right eventually. Right? Anyhoo, just know that you still have a friend in me even if this all blows up in your face. Yeah, that wasn't very nice, but you know what I mean.
Someone who appreciates you.


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