Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Craft Night 2012

As I mentioned yesterday, last night was craft night. Craft night started as a teeny baby idea last week and blew up into the huge project of me trying to come up with holiday crafts for me and my gal pals to do in a few hours and for under $5 a person. Needless to say, and with a couple of baby hiccups, it was a fabulously fun time.

The three crafts we did were these:
Painted mugs. via
Paper tree ornaments. Closely resembles Martha's version. BUT WAY easier.
Antho inspired snow globes. via
I wish we were cool enough to have taken the time to whip up tutorials, but the links under each picture should suffice. Hopefully.

Mostly it was just a ton of MUCH NEEDED girl time with the ladies that I love with glitter thrown in.
the mugs before pain. 99 cents at Ikea.
Christina, my sister-in-law, whipping up some EXCELLENT hot cocoa.
Princess Mia stuffing her face with Oreos.
Jill and I!
Darling jessica. I've missed her so!
The aftermath.
Las Tres Cabellaras back together!
Some of THE finest ladies around. Especially Megatron, aka Magen, aka Cindy Lou Hoo with the Christmas tree bow on her head.

The supplies for the snow globes. All the trees and people came as pairs for a $1 at the dollar tree.

Me making my snow globe.

Jill is the only one who finished her paper ornament. And it turned out beautifully!

My finished mug. I recommend not putting SO MUCH glass and porcelain pain on the sucker. I had to remind myself that it isn't puff paint.
And the most beautiful Diana Maria with her mug (halfway cut out) that has Arabic on it, because yes, she speaks Arabic!
We decided (at least, I decided) to make this a monthly-ish thing. January we are doing bracelets! So dang excited for that one.

Anyone living in the Central Florida area that's a blogger? I want to do a get together kind of like this for bloggers. It's step one in my master plan for a blogger conference for Central Floridians. Seriously, reach out to me at:


  1. Oh my heck! I am so in! The whole time I was reading this post I was thinking- I need to email her and ask if I can come!-- then I read the bottom of your post-- I AM IN! Lets plan one! Seriously love all the crafts you did and I was so jealous of all your instagrams last night! SO FUN! I love crafts :)

  2. That looks like such fun!! I am totally bummed that I don't live in Florida! This would prob be the only time you would hear me say I wish I lived in Florida, haha! I'm glad your holiday craft night was a success! I need to do better with taking pics when I do a craft night with my lady friends! I def need to make me a sharpie mug! Happy Wednesday!


    1. Thanks hun! I actually didn't use a sharpie because I read that they don't really work, so I grabbed one of Martha Stewart's glass paints (its kind of like a puff pain bottle, but has a pen tip) and it worked GREAT. Well, my first one didn't turn out so great because I laid it on too thick, but the second one was fabulous.

  3. I just moved to California from Winter Park FL in June after we got married. All of my family lives in Central Florida. I wish I could have known you sooner! I have a proposition for you, check your email! <3
    XO Laura

    1. Wait wait wait. I didn't realize you lived in Winter Park before Cali?!!! I work in Winter Park and live in Maitland. This is too crazy. Can't wait to chat about it tonight!

  4. Those are all super cute! You did a great job picking out adorable craft projects. Can't wait to see what future crafty projects y'all complete!

    1. I'm like way too stoked for this!!!!! It's becoming a monthly thing. It's probably the only way I'll ever get my pinterest crafts actually done. I wish you lived here so we could get together :(

  5. Ok, please can we plan a central florida blogger thing for the 6 days i'm home in december?? lol! not a small window AT ALL! im only gonna be in tampa from dec 23-29 :( BUTTTT i will be in florida for a week in february 18-23 (but the 23 is a friends weeked) but what if i was there the weekend before that??

    ok #tooexcited.

    also, love the craftsss!! i want to do the mugs. ive seen them done with markers too and then put in the oven to bake it on.

    1. WE HAVE TO GET TOGETHER WHEN YOU ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you flying into Tampa (I guess that's a huge, "DUH")? Maybe we can hang in December and then work on networking/planning something for February. We so need to get this done. Like yesterday.


  6. a craft night is an excellent way to spend time with friends!!

    1. It really is! Thanks for stopping by my blog! And I hope you are having a wonderful December darling :)

  7. These are gorgeous - really got me in the Christmas mood! <3 The mugs were a really cool idea. Makes me want to have the girls over and try something similar here... xxx

    1. You definitely should. It was one of the funnest girl's night I have ever had. It was so easy too. Non of the crafts took more than 10 minutes (well except for baking the mugs, but that was the perfect time for girl talk).

  8. I LOVE the Christmas tree in a mason jar! I am going to have to steal that idea one day! I am following you back from the followers to friends hop. It's so nice to meet you!


    1. It is seriously like THE EASIEST thing to make, like EVER! Let me know if you make it. I would LOVE to see a picture. So excited to get to know you better.

  9. This seems like such a fun night! I need to organize one for me and my girlfriends! And I'm definitely making one of those snow globes! So.cute!

    Found you as a fellow baby swapper from Wifessionals!

    Xo, B!


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