Monday, February 8, 2010

...I Hate You...

oh 2010, how I hate you... you started out sooo bad and only got worse... now that I am a month into you I hope you can get better... First you towed my car, didn't help me get a job, made me cry a lot, and then made me with draw from school! BOOO on you! I've decided that I will make you even better... who is that you might ask? well I'm moving! HA, now you might not be able to find me... hopefully...
(This is the day that Katie and I decided to not hate 2010 as much and even if it does suck, we're making it the best yet)

In all seriousness I really did have a crap month and the second I stopped having a pity party for myself, I realized that the Lord would have me elsewhere... as much as I don't want to leave this place I have grown so much to love, I know that there is something that the Lord has in store for me... I can't wait to find out what that is because it will make my life so much easier and this decision won't be as hard, but I do know that come what may, I'll love it and continue on and remember all the growing up I've done while here in Tallahassee... I might be closing this chapter in my life, but I'm opening a new one... one thats closer to home, to family, and one that will possible bring more happiness and love! I'm scared... I'll admit it I am, but I'm excited at the same time...

(Me and Katie on the worse day ever of 2010.. I'm actually crying... I just got towed and then Katie and I realized how pathetic we looked, so we laughed)

Oh 2010, please have something better in store!


  1. I hope 2010 gets better for you!! I know it will. I love reading all these new posts! Oh and GOOD LUCK with your move, it will be exciting!

  2. Hey you have moved closer to us now, so it should be better already!!


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