Tuesday, February 9, 2010

... Tallahassee 5th Ward...

So as I announced the other day, I am moving... It has been super hard for me to realize what I am leaving behind... these have been the best almost two years of my life and I've grown so much, but thats not without the help of a ton of people... I want to be able to thank everyone and want to let people know how much they have influenced me while I've been up here so I thought, "what better way than to make a facebook note and then tag them all!" then I realized how gay that was and how morbid that could be to some people... but as I couldn't sleep at 2:30 am, I caved... so here it is... hopefully everyone who is tagged realizes that they really did impact my life and that I am grateful for it, even if it was a tiny bit... also sorry if you thought this to be retarded... get over it, you are loved!

Katie Wallace- You are seriously the best friend I could have asked for... If it wasn't for your mad packing skillz, I would have never been able to properly pack for my three days in Utah... I'm eternally grateful for that... oh and other things, but I'll be more personal with you in something not so public :)

Jay Rhinehart- You, besides Katie, are the best friend I could have ever asked for... Honestly... You taught me to drive a stick... thanks to you I can win the amazing race... and you let me go duck hunting with you... I consider that true friendship.

Greg Rhinehart- even though you don't tech. live in Tallahassee, you have helped me a ton... you rag on Jay with me and you made the best pool boy ever, plus you didn't make fun of the picture frame I made you.

Tiara Sapp- best roommate ever! You are the closest thing I have to a big sister and I am forever grateful for you constant love and warm heart... plus you are pretty much the most chill person ever and I love how we both grew up knowing what engagement parties were and that when you host something you're supposed to have a purse/coat room!

Sara Ranon- you've been there through the tough times for me and I feel like despite our major personality differences we are insanely similar... You taught me to be more chill....

Amanda Webb- you introduced me to Tom, which therefore opened windows for me haha... seriously though, you've always made me feel like I am way more mature than I am and that it was ok to be friends with anyone, even if they are insanely more successful than me (which you are).

Obi Kalu- gave me some of the best hugs when I truly needed them.

Jenn Prater- you helped remind me why I love visiting teaching so much... I hope the best for you and thanks for not making fun of my goals worksheet!

Patrick Douglas- thanks for the home teaching even though it was watching Desperate Housewives with Tiara and I :)

Rebecca Ventura- thanks for letting me drive you to the airport when you went to Utah... I loved getting to know you better and I love my postcards.

Logan Anderson- I still need to get you bed sheets... thanks for reminding me how important those are.

Jacqueline McCabe- you taught me pure Christ-like love... seriously... You always made me feel like I was genuinely cared for and never forgotten... I seriously want to be more like you and thanks so much for being the best Relief Society President I could have ever had...

Tabitha McCreless- you were an amazing friend and roommate... I loved talking to you every night before bed and thank you for being there through a lot of my cry-fests... oh! and sticky rice... you got me addicted to that stuff...

Kingsley Clawson- thanks for dancing with me at the Hootenanny... oh and for being my last minute date to a Christmas party... you make me laugh

Alyse Ladle- you taught me patience... you were always so patient with everyone while being the FHE mom... seriously... I know it was hard and you were always so nice to me when I had to teach.

Marcus Jones- sorry I tease you a lot, but you are a true friend and are very giving... I'm glad you can't say no to people, because you've taught me to be more giving and kind.

Natalie Kent- I love your hair! I will also never forget how bad I felt for you when you got sunburned on our Keys trip... you were a trooper! plus you saved mine and David's lives by taking over my driving duties on the way back when I got super tired... THANKS!

Andrew Harris- You personally got me addicted to playing Guitar Hero drums and Man vs Food... Thanks for that and thanks for laughing at me when I jumped into your pool with all of my work clothes on.

Blake Anderson- Friend.... enough said... oh and thanks for the lessons on how to be elusive in everything, especially text messages...

Jamie Whiddon- You are what allowed me to meet all of these people... if it hadn't been for you immediately taking me under your wings when I decided to come up here, I don't think I would have made the transition.

Jacob Lawson- I could say some funny things about you, but I'm not... Instead I'm going to thank you for getting into church clothes to give me a blessing at like 2 am... It seriously meant the world to me and is something I will NEVER forget.

Janell Hutchinson- Free Fallin'.... enough said! I'm so glad that we became friends... remember Tye-dye conference? Well I really loved how we bonded over left over ice-cream cake and conference via your Mac... There are a ton more, but that one means a lot to me...

Lance Anderson- you were the only one who would buy an underwater camera with me for the keys trip... and you were also the only one who was more scared than I was...

Rachel Thompson- you helped me get my grade in the Middle Eastern Class... you were always so awesome about getting me the notes when I totally didn't deserve them because I was ditching class all the time!

Lindy Hansen- You have the best shoe collection ever and are super creative... I want your home making skills.... Cory is lucky!

Carly Fahey- You seriously made me want to smile more... you are always so positive and witty... plus you showed me how to make facebook stalking an art... mad props to you!

Suzanna Denninghoff- I was stoked to be your roomie, but I'm glad that we weren't because that meant I got to meet more people... but regardless I will never forget how awesome you are... I was supposed to meet you at the institute that first day we met and tell you that we couldn't have you as a roomie because we thought you were too young and I ended up thinking you were one of the coolest people I had ever met and decided against my roommate's wills that you were going to live with us anyways... sorry we couldn't ever do that!

Amanda Wright- you are awesome... thos three words do it all right there... I'm so sorry I didn't get to know you better, but you are one of the coolest people I have gotten to meet since moving here... I love your witty humor... I wish I could be more like that.

Alan Espinoza- You are what every girl needs in her life.. A good friend. A guy to give hope when all guys are acting like crap. thanks for always being there... your girl is coming... I promise!

Bryce Carroll- You saved me from a Orientation nightmare... thanks for picking me up and taking me to TCBY and to your apartment to shoot blowgun darts at a box in your kitchen.

Erica Sewell- That last message was exactly what I needed... I'm sorry I abused your trust a lot, but you are one of the most kind hearted people I have met... I'm sorry I wasn't more Christ-like to you and you also have the best dance moves I have ever had the pleasure of seeing :)

Justin Sewell- You saved me.. Weird I know, but if it weren't for you being placed into my life, I wouldn't have the testimony I have now... You made me want to be a better person and you made me laugh all the time... even though you're a crap friend now [ ;) ] I will always remember your talk with me the couple of days after we started dating and I was upset about Joe... that talk you showed me is still one of my absolute favorites...

Stephen Sewell- You didn't think I was crazy for walking up to a guy and shaking his hand while he had headphones on and then practically forced a Book of Mormon on him... you're going to make an awesome Elder.

Bethann Burton- You were one of the best visiting teachers and Relief Society teachers I have ever had... The fact that you wanted me to go get a pedicure with you made my month even though we never got to go :(

Samatha Thompson- I LOVE your hair and think you are one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, inside and out... I honestly want to be more like you and love like you do... you are just full of passion!

Blake Miller- your random noises always make me feel oddly comfortable... I will also never forget my awesome tour of FSU that made you realize no other school could compare and that not coming here would be the biggest mistake of your life... hope you are as grateful for me as I am for you...

Tommy Hudson- your emails got me through work... and you were the only one who would go see Harry Potter at midnight with me... THANK YOU! and thank you for sharing your story with me... it made me appreciate you so much and you are one of the best guys I know.

I'm sure I forgot a lot of people, but it is 3:30 am now and I'm tired... needless to say, Tallahassee 5th ward made me who I am now, and I will miss ya'll a lot... Thank you all for personally making me, me... I love you all... can't wait to see ya'll again...

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  1. awww Kaylee I'm so sad that your leaving :((( I am going to miss you! This is such a sweet post, thanks for the shout out. I think we keep each other in check with our polar opposite temperaments lol but I'm glad we rubbed off on each other! haha

    P.S. I'm glad somebody actually reads my blog. so thanks :)


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