Friday, February 12, 2010


That's right.. 2010 Olympics start today! I bet you didn't know that the Olympics and I are in a relationship? You didn't?! Well shame on you! we have been now for quite sometime... probably the last 15 years... Ok ok thats all made up, but if I could, I would be! I'm obsessed with the Olympics... I had a guy friend ask me to hang out with him tonight and I said, "If hanging out means that you are watching the opening ceremonies AND the first event tonight, then sure! other than that, I already have plans :)" He agreed! (haha what a sucker... bet he doesn't realize that he's going to be the third wheel while my eyes ogle the television in all of its Olympic glory!) Pretty much I'm stoked and I'll have my eyes plastered at either my TV or my laptop during the next 200 hours of broadcast that NCB does for the Olympics! Hey... it only comes every two years ;)
PS. Its snowing like an hour away from me, so my friends and I are going up to Bainbridge, GA to get some snow time in.... Maybe I can convince them to talk in Jamaican accents and go bobsledding in honor of the Olympics... that or maybe find a patch of ice to Curl on since it is in Canada this year :)

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  1. Giiiiiiiiirlll, you need to UPdate! I mean, de olympics are OH-VAH! Ruuuuuude. I wanna see whatchooo doin in yo' new crib


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