Monday, February 8, 2010


Right before Christmas I lost my job and my friend Jay was nice enough to offer his house in Lynn Haven (basically Panama City) as a save haven to get over it before I went home for the break... While I was there him and his brother Greg took me duck hunting out on the Panama City bay... They woke me up at like 4:20 in the flippin mornin! and we piled on tons of layers of camo because it was like 20 degrees outside... I was in eight layers... We got into the boat and when we anchored, it was my job to move all the burlap to cover the entire boat as they put the duck decoys out... Lets just say that Jay and Greg are awesome hunters and I am not so much... The one time Jay was like, "Hey do you want to shoot?" I took the gun and didn't have a good enough grip, especially because my top layer of clothing was slick, so when the gun kicked back, it kick backed into my face, stunned me and the gun slipped out of my hands into the water, but Jay caught the gun in plenty of time... Over all, I give the whole experience a 10! I loved it, although I'm almost positive Jay and Greg won't ever take me again :)
The kill!
Jay and I.... I know... we blend in super well!
I decided that I need to get a job being a Cabella's catalog photographer!
Greg with his kills... He was not really into this...
Me... this is what I did for hours.... sat in the boat... freezing to death!
The sunrise! SOOO BEAUTIFUL!

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