Thursday, April 29, 2010

...Copy Cat...

I have always loved looking at wedding stuff (I'm a girl, I know), but today when I was snoopin around on one of my favorite wedding blogs that my friend/photographer KimBE was featured on I found MY wedding... I don't want a traditional reception at all (which is going to drive my mom and grandmother NUTS) and I want more of a romantic/earthy/whimsically/vintage reception... I always thought it would be cool to have it in my grandma's back yard with a tent and have candles and lights hanging everywhere with tons of leaves and branches accenting everything (wow did I just drone on or what?!)... well I found a wedding that I am going to copy... here are some pictures!

I especially love the movie picnic at the end... It would be the coolest thing ever to have... so basically if you are one of my close friends and you see this, THIS IS MY WEDDING! no mooching or you'll be embarrassed when my grandma does my version of it better!

PS... I just realized that I'm no where near needing to plan a wedding (that guy has to find me first!) so sorry if I spooked anyone...


  1. totally love it! the lights are so beautiful, i totally want some of those at my wedding haha :)

  2. Very doable:)♥
    amber now... uhh thers no way imma sit on the ground at your wedding:)


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