Wednesday, April 21, 2010

...Main Goal...

My Aunt called today and we had a "put your big girl panties on Kaylee!" talk... She asked me my main goal and told me that that's what I need to think about when planning things out right now...

Basically, my main goal is to be a mom and someone's awesome wife... now that doesn't mean that I'm rushing into anything or that it means I want that immediately, but it does mean that I need to remember that when I'm sitting around making plans for my life... Basically right now that means I have to decide between two things:

1) Going to Paul Mitchell the Hair School... I would LOVE to go there, but there is the problem of having to come up with $800 which also means that I have to wait around until I get a job and save up for $800 and then start school... this could mean that I have to wait for a few months!


2) Look into going to a tech. school to get my cosmetology license and then have my pell grants cover it and not go into debt for school, but also at the same time, limit my networking that I could have gotten at Paul Mitchell...

so yeah... if I want to be an awesome wife and mom I should probably pick option number two.... but there is still a nagging part of me that won't let me pick it... Why can't someone make my decisions for me?!

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  1. I will...your going to technical school Kaylee Corin and your going to like it! I'll even come and take you to enroll! How's that for making a decision easy ;-) love ya!


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