Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Old Bird Never Talk Again

I'm in a Spanish Class. I chose to take it because it fir one of my requirements and I also thought it would be cool to understand what Ben's saying all he time without asking him to retell it to me in English. Since I only have class one night a week, it makes it hard to have what I learn stick. I had my first test yesterday and it wasn't too bad, but I find myself getting frustrated with myself because I'm not learning it as quickly as I do everything else. When I took Latin in high school, my teacher took pitty on me for the three years and just let me do a bunch of cultural projects and mythology geared activities because she didn't want me to fail and I totally wasn't getting he language. I am so worried that that is what will happen with this class, which in turn stresses me out even more! So I decided to have a heart to heart with my Professor, Senor Flores, after class and told him how I feel slow and that I'm not grasping the language yet. He reminded me that it was only our second class and that it takes 7 years, 5 days a week for at least an hour, to be fluent in a language. Then he told me that the Spanish have a saying, "Old bird never talk again." It means, that once you've learned to talk its hard to learn talking any other way. You're already used to what you have. So I'm just hoping that I'm not an old bird yet, and that I can still get this. Its weird how my elective is going to be the class that I put the most effort in to pass. Biology, no problem. Paralegal Studies, sinch. Greek and Roman Humanities, I laugh at it. Spanish, Ay, caramba!

This is the bird or snype, named Kevin, from the movie "Up!" When my Professor told me that saying, the facial expression this bird makes most of the movie is what I felt like. He's always awkward, and has big bulgy eyes. I'm sure if you were my Spanish Professor, this would be the face you see me making most of class!

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