Friday, February 4, 2011

January Evaluation

Remember my 2011 Aspirations? Well to keep myself sticking to these little gems, I'm going to evaluate myself once a month. I feel like if I do this in writing (or typing) than it could be more humbling and help me stick to it more.... we'll see. Oh and along with this evaluation I have put pictures. They are at the bottom, so if you want to skip the goal mumbo-jumob than feel free!

Spiritual Goals:
This is sad, but the only goal I've really stuck to is the conference talks, mostly because I always have to have a back-up lesson prepared for Relief Society just in case the teacher bails. At the beginning of the month I was doing great about the scripture study and Teaching, No Greater Call, but alas, I have dwindled in that area. My excuse: I'm too tired when I get home and I can't seem to find time. I will find time this month. Also, I've tried leaving Sunday as a day of real rest, but I always have an assignment due that I have to get done and its not like I even procrastinated with it either! I can excuse this. Other than that I really have been relaxing more on Sunday and trying to reflect on what the Lord wants from me.

Physical Goals:
I have kept these goals for the most part (surprise surprise!). I do go to the gym at least four days a week and I work my butt off (literally... I have lost 3 pounds and have started to tone this beast!). I try to be physical on the weekends, but sometimes it is really hard because Saturday and Sunday are my busiest days of the week tying up loose ends and such. I'm still looking for a new sport to get into. I think Volleyball or biking. I've been going to Volleyball every Thursday and I'm starting to get better at it (a far cry from even being okay, but hey, there is improvement). Ben has recently started this biking kick and fixing up bikes and it is contagious, so I think I'm also going to get into that with him and start biking (great cardio).

Financial Goals:
I have been saving $50 per paycheck and that helps a lot. If I get a raise I'll definitely increase it, but for now that's awesome. This saving up is going to go to a down-payment for a new car by the end of the year I think. We'll see as the year comes to an end; I might not even be able to part with the Silver Bullet. Also determining a"want" from a "need" = INSANELY HARD! Especially when you are making more money and when you all of a sudden have decided to become the next Martha Stewart and be an intense kind of crafty lately. Between the armoire and visiting teaching and craft blogs I have been bit by the craft bug and its not going away. "Want" vs "Need" is proving to be an intense battle.

Educational Goals:
I have, so far, all A's and I'm thinking that this semester won't be so bad! My teachers are all okay. Some of them really irritate me because they have this whole God complex (because they are attorneys) and they tend to give out free legal advise in class that doesn't even pertain to the subject matter. For example, in real property class, if a student asks you "If my baby daddy don't pay his child support, so can I take his house?" you, as the teacher, should not start handing out free legal advise. That is stupid, especially when you can charge them at least $100 an hour for it! Other than that, I do have a personal relationship with each one of my professors and it helps. This is all getting me closer to my graduation goal.

Marriage Goals:
I have started to really enjoy who I am. I"m figuring out who Kaylee is and she's not so bad. I'm more comfortable in my own skin and I'm sure it boils down to making correct choices and walking by faith more often. I have been more prayerful and patient. Courting Ben is fun and as ready as I would be for marriage, I am okay (for now) with the dating side. How often do you get to have a pure and uncomplicated relationship free of the stresses of the world (not that ours isn't, but it could be worse!)? I'm enjoying that for the time being. Also, I have been crafting for my future home.... see above financial goals and the beast. This has been proving to be an easy goal for sure.

Personal Goals:
I'm pretty sure I have been blogging at least once a week. If not I feel like I have been a lot more and I'm enjoying it, so that's okay in my eyes. I haven't been cooking more, but I have been compiling recipes to try soon. We'll see if in February I can actually get into the kitchen! I didn't get to the temple this month, but I have already scheduled a day for February 18th. I hope that I won't let anything get in the way of that!

There are my goals. I'm pleased with myself and it hasn't been too hard (which might mean I need to switch them up and add more throughout the year). We will see what next month brings!

Before the Bouncing Souls and NOFX concert, I showed Spencer and Ben how to play "Chubby Bunny" which turned into Spencer making me a roasted marshmello with a torch.

Notice my leather pants? One of the three times I have been able to wear them!

The Bouncing Souls and NOFX concert... I have my mouth gaping open because I was in excruciating pain from the heels I decided to wear to a 4 hour concert at the House of Blues.

NOFX behind us.... I was stoked to have gone and ever more stoked to get to the car to relieve my little toesies... Awesome night all in all... Totally worth the pain!

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  1. Your leather pants look totally sweet!
    Good job stayin' on track with your goals--I might need to do a monthly evaluation myself...we will see. :)


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