Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday - A World Away 3

Paris.... not a place I have ever really wanted to go before, but after checking out my friend Esther's pictures to France I kind of became obsessed.... My trip to Paris would be a pretty traditional and touristy experience. All of their must-dos are pretty obvious.

First, the mode of transportation I would prefer would be the traditional scooter. Depending on who is there with me, I'll either ride on back with my honey or a cute Parisian boy.... Either way, I'm going to look super chic and windswept the entire time.

My scooter buddy and I will race along the streets of Paris until we reach the massive round-about circling the Arc de Triomphe (aka the Place Charles de Gaulle). This massive structure represents the soldiers who died during the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars.

As I said before, I am also going to go with my one true love and place a padlock on the Pont de Arts and then we will throw our key into the water below signifying our never ending and unbreakable love for each other. We then will promise to come back together one day.

After such an exciting scooter trip thus far, I will want to stop for some grub at Cafe des 2 Moulins (or the "Two Windmills"). This is where Amélie worked. I loved that movie, so it is only fitting that I would stop by. It's named after the two windmills in the area, the Moulin Rouge (yes, the cabaret) and the Moulin de la Galette. maybe, if I got lucky, I could zoom past the Moulin Rouge and satisfy my urge of seeing the real one, since I love the movie so much, without seeing too many risqué things in the red light district.

I would then take my delicious grub and have a super touristy, yet totally romantic and epic picnic on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower. I'm sure I would have some delicious baguettes and maybe some cheese if I could find some that I liked not melted over something (I hate cheese, but I feel it would be very Persian).

Once lunch is over, I would get back on the scooter and I would head to Musée du Louvre. Who wouldn't go there? I mean the Mona Lisa, Medieval stain-glass, Ancient Greek and Roman statues and SOO MUCH MORE! I heard that if you were to spend 4 seconds looking at every piece of artwork in the Louvre it would take me three months to see everything! That is incredible.

One thing I would need to experience would be seeing the Palace at Versailles. The palace and gardens are bigger than the island of Manhattan. When I found that out, all I could think about where the New Yorkers who complain all about how far they walk to everything and then thought that back during Marie Antoinette's time, people walked all of those gardens for fun!

The hall of mirrors has more attempts at reconstruction in the 18th century than most palaces. After seeing the movie Marie Antoinette I would love to go and walk to halls. Maybe I would get to meet one of the Maries, I honestly wouldn't care which one.

At dusk, I'll walk along the River Seine where I will wonder if Jean Valjean and Javert really had an epic conversation and if Javert through himself into the river. I'll probably contemplate my life and all the happy things that I've been though and the hard times too. I'm also pretty sure I will be wearing black cigarette pants and a black and white striped shirt with a beret and red scarf. This will be ultimately Parisian.

Then, before I leave, I will have to meet up with Pablo Picasso at the beach.... and introduce him to the bikini like this lady did.
I'm really excited to be able to do this one day.It's going to be easy to want to be a tourist in Paris; most of the other places I have wanted to blend in. Not here. I want to try to be like everyone else.

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  1. You are funny! Paris is wonderful and you would love it there. Everything is beautiful and romantic. It has been my favorite city I have ever visited. We saw a couple on their honeymoon there standing in front of the arc. (What a lovely place to go on a honeymoon.) I want to go back one day, just me and my sweetie.


Thanks for the comment you sweet person you! If it is a question or something for me to reply to, check back here as I tend to answer through the comments. I appreciate all the love!

Love Kaylee


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