Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I think it is a fair title considering it is finals week. I'm above cheating, but sometimes, like right now, I wish I weren't. Anyways, I really wanted to apologize to stumbleupon.


Dearest Stumbleupon,
I am so sorry I have not visited you in a while. Alas, I realize it has been at least a week or two and that normally I would see you on a daily basis. Can you find it down in your heart of hearts to forgive me? Where have I been you might ask. Actually, I am quite embarrassed to tell you. Not because its embarrassing of course, it tis not, but rather because of my infidelity that will arise from me telling you. If you must know, I have been visiting Pinterest on a daily basis. In fact, more like a twice daily basis. I know, I know. You never got that much attention from me. Lets just say its not you, its me. You are a great site for finding fascinating things on the internet. I am more drawn to the organization of Pinterest. That is all. I really hope that we can be friends and that you will allow me to frequent you in the near future, more specifically, when I am bored.

You loving stumbler,

If you haven't heard of stumbleupon or pinterest, visit those links. You'll love me and then hate me for it later. Either way, you will find treasures from either one beyond measure. Pinterest is a little more elite and privileged though. You must be invited in to participate in its lovelies. Comment with your email if you'd like an invite.

Pray for me this finals week. It's been a doozey so far and I've only taken one. Three more to go!

While googling a picture for the finals week thing, I found a really funny, yet inappropriate for my classy blog picture. Best part, it was on a paralegal studies student's blog.

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