Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake.

The worst exam for the worst class ever happened yesterday. I had been freaking out over it all day that I had made myself physically sick and a complete mess. It was so bad that I even asked Ben to meet me in a Shopping Plaza parking lot to get a blessing (he's awesome by the way and its even more awesome is that he's my home teacher too). I went in, I took the exam, blah blah blah. Nevertheless, I still let it effect me all the way to Publix where I needed to do some grocery shopping. I sulked all the way to the doors, drudged my way through self pity with my cart and ended up at the bakery. It was almost closing and there was this sweet old man there.

"What can the bakery do for you young lady?" he said. I asked him if I could pretty please have a free sugar cookie because I just took the worst exam of my life and I feel like crap. "One second. I can do one better for you." Then, that sweet old man presented me with this little treasure:

(Please excuse how horrible this picture's quality is. I usually sneak pictures with Ben's iPhone, but he wasn't there).

Sweet right? I heartily thanked the man and wondered around with a little more skip to my step. Cake helped. Thanks Publix for making shopping and post-exams a pleasure!

P.S. One more exam tonight and I'm free for a whole week! Now I just need to come up with $300 for books (the total cost AFTER within the next few weeks. Bight spot: I'm like 75% sure that I'm getting my 75% Bright Futures back. Sweet......

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