Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tomorrow Is Another Day

I'm so obsessed with free movies from the library that I went and got a Maitland library card too. This library is across the street from my cottage and their fines are half as much as the Orange County public library System (not that I plan on getting fines, but you know, in preparation for those things you don't foresee). Every night for the past two weeks, I have fallen asleep to movies. Last Thursday and Friday I watch "Gone With the Wind." As far as I can remember, my mother would watch "Gone With the Wind" what would seem like every Sunday. I hated this movie. I hated it! It was so long and boring and I didn't get why the girl was so whinny. All of this was probably due to the fact that I was like 9 and had no clue what was going on. Therefore, how could I appreciate it. Now that I'm so much more mature and 21 I take back all of that whining I did on my own part. Its a classic. Its wonderful. Its romantic. I loved it!

Can't you imagine her saying, "Fiddle-dee-dee!"

When I was little, I didn't get the importance behind the whole smoldering glance thing. I get it now. I don't think Ben does though :)

If only we still got to live in houses like that and wear dresses like that and throw fits like that.

Oh well. All in all, I just wanted to apologize to my mother for always throwing Scarlett O'Hara type hissy fits over watching "Gone With the Wind" when I was little.

Also, this whole movie obsessed thing has made me realize a couple of other interesting facts about myself. Here they are, 5 Random facts About Kaylee You May or May Not Have Known About:

1. I like reading movies. Yes, you read right, read movies. This stems from the Hornsby Household. Our living room with the DVD player was right next to the kitchen. I would be watching a movie and mom would think it was the perfect time to clean the kitchen or the dishes, etc. One could never hear the movie over the water or clanking (it was a competition even when you would turn the volume up) so I started the habit or turning the subtitles on. Thus we have my love for reading all movies, English or not. Plus, you get the funny tidbits that people are saying in the background sometimes.

2. I love foreign movies especially French and Hindi ones. See No. 1.

3. I love to read in the bathroom. Not necessarily on the toilet or in the bath, but just the room. This also comes from the Hornsby household. Our house was always loud so if I wanted peace and quite I would go into the bathroom and turn the shower on, then sit on the counter and read. If I want to read, I still do this. I go into my bathroom, close myself in, turn the shower on, sit on the counter and read.

4. I am terrified of faucets and shower drains. I'm convinced that bugs will come out of them and hurt me. I go through painful efforts to avoid stepping on my shower drain because I know the second I do, a snake is going to bite me or something.

5. I think I am smarter than most of my professors. This, I think, stems from correcting almost all of them in class multiple times this semester. I really wish I could convince myself that they really were smarter than me so that I would take their classes more seriously, but alas, I cannot.

Okay, I'll end this rambling mess. Tomorrow is another day. A day I look forward to. Why? This girl:

She's coming to visit me! We're going to have a grand time with things including, but not limited to, macaroons, the temple, pools, volleyball and a picnic.

Oh and one last thing before I go...
I am totally in support of the Royal Wedding fanatics. You bet I'm going to be watching it next Friday. I've even signed their guestbook.

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