Saturday, April 23, 2011

Staking Claim.

Okay, I've been making a list in my head of awesome names for my future kids. Mostly boys. I really only want boys. I'm starting to forget these epic names! finally, I shall immortalize them in writing. Warning: These names are mine. If I know you or my sons will ever have the possible chance into running into your sons, you CANNOT use these names, please :)

1. Urban
2. Bronco
3. Dakoda
4. Maksim
5. Axle
6. Steele (he'll sport a mowhawk)
7. Miles
8. Harrison
9. Paxton
10. Owen

For the girls so far:

1. Lily
2. Audrey
3. Stella
4. Peyson
5. Honor

Alright, now I have them written down somewhere so I won't forget these little gems. Hopefully they man that is most fortunate to marry me will be down with these little ones.


  1. So you can have ALL of those names, and I'm not one to name steal, but I am warning you in case of future confusion...Miles is one of my all time favorite names. I have plans to name my sons Raylin and Miles.
    Great minds think alike, eh? EHH?? Its such a great name...
    I hope that it is actually number 7 on your wish list.....

  2. Haha Okay, I give Katie Louise Wallace full permission to use Miles. But she's it! I love you Katie Lou! I miss you!

  3. Yay! I miss you MORE!!
    When I clicked on this and realized it was a name blog, I quickly scrolled down and thought "please, please don't say Raylin or Miles!"
    Haha. But your names are so cute! I love how different they are!

    I can't wait for our little ones to play together far zee future!

  4. Oh trust me, our little ones, whenever we happen to have them, whenever our boyfriends decide that we'll be the most awesome wives they could ever have, will most totally play together. They'll be best friends. Maybe even get married.... okay okay I've gone a little crazy. But maybe :).....


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