Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Be jealous, unless you happen to live in Orange County. We have a legit library system. Being broke helps me appreciate it even more. Not only can you check books out there for a couple of weeks at a time, you can check out up to 20 movies at a time for a week at a time. It is legit. I'm not talking about old movies that no one has ever heard of, we're talking about movies that just came out and tons of movies that are popular. Also, this includes television series. Like I said, it's legit. One movie I checked out was "Away We Go." My kind of movie. An indie flick with a couple trying to figure their lives out. Best part.... this house:

When I was little I feel in love with this house. It's in Sunnyside, Leesburg, Florida. It is beautiful and houses so much history. A woman in my ward grew up in the house and owned it even into her adulthood. I always wanted to befriend this old woman so she would will the house to me. She was in her mid- 90s when I moved away, so I'm sure she is gone now and I've missed my opportunity. Regardless, I've never forgotten this house. In Leesburg, teeneagers would break into it and would spread rumors of it being haunted (totally not true and I might have done this a time or two). Imagine my surprise as I'm watching this movie and then decide to settle in hedr family's old home......

No worries. I looked it up to make sure. This is the same house! Proof: The Director at the fornt door. I know that front door. I've walked up to it many-a-time.

Basically, be jealous of me and my awesome library privilages. Also, I am so jealous that this ficticious couple got to settle down in my realistic dream house.


  1. I love that house. I love old houses, it would be so fun to plant flowers and put some rocking chairs on the porch.

  2. My thoughts exactly! I seriously wanted this house. Then I realized, if the lady willed it to me, I'd be stuck with MONDO property taxes. That would suck!

  3. Ooo I love old houses too. They have so much character. Fun fact: Away We Go just came to me from Netflix today. I'm excited to watch it!

  4. I love that house so much! Where exactly is it in Leesburg? And I once visited Orange County when I was little and the one thing I remember from that trip was the amazing library :)

  5. The house is located off Sunny Side Drive in Leesburg, Florida which is actually in Lake County. I myself have visited this house many of times as a teenager due to rumors of it being haunted. Come to find out the only thing scary about the place is the neighbors who would sneak through the orange groves that run on both sides of the house to ward off trespassing teenagers. Now don't get me wrong, on a calm night you can go there and hear the creaky old windmill making spooky noises and it makes your kind begin to wander. Bit as I've gotten older I look at this beautiful old house as a piece of history. Im sure through the generations to come the story of the haunted house in Sunny Side will still carry on.


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