Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Letter to King Benjamin.

I don't think Ben reads my blog that often, but just in case he does, this is to him:

My Amor,

You make me happiest. I really appreciate all that you do. You are the perfect example of selflessness and charity (well besides the ultimate example, and you know who that is). You are always sacrificing to make me happy and to make sure that I am taken care of. I am so grateful for that – you don’t eve know. Your smile makes me smile. Your jokes make me laugh. I think you are the most hysterically funny person I have ever met. Really. I mean that. You make my dreams come true. You are my dream. Thank you for being you and thank you for loving me so well. I love you my amor. I really do. I hope you know that.

Love always,

Your amor.

P.S. I love this picture of you. It reminds me of the face you make every time I do something ridiculous. I love that face.

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  1. Oooh, a post just for me. Thanks amor. As a matter of fact, I read ATBB very frequently. I usually just keep my comments to myself. Thanks for the kind words and all feelings are mutual.

    -Your amor, not my amor but your amor.


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Love Kaylee


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