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The Book Club - May, "Bloom"

I cannot tell you all how excited I am for today. Not only am I probably pulling into port from our 4 night cruise to the Bahamas, but we are also doing the first ever The Book CLub link-up!!!! I am so so happy.
CUrrently I am writing this on the day before I get married, so I'm kind of writing it a week early. I know I won't be able to post while we're honeymooning, so I wanted to get it done now.

Just so you know, and I'm going to be completely honest with you, as always, I didn't finish the book. Last night was my bachelorette party (remember, I'm writing this a week early) and I got to back to the hotel (at like 2 am) and went to the bathtub to read. I really wanted to finish the book because I had 70 pages to finish. Since I don't drink, I thought for sure all of the straight Red Bull shots would continue to give me the energy needed to stay up all morning and finish. THey didn't. Don't worry, I'm going to speak with Red Bull about their false avertising. ANYHOOO..... back to why we are all here today...


Let me start off by saying how much I love Kelle. I have never met her and I have never interacted with her outside of this book reading experience, but she was honest. BRUTALLY honest. So honest that I had to put the book down at times and then pick it back up because, hey, this woman is being honest with us. That is rare. VERY rare. We needed to support her as she shed her soul and darkest time with us. Even when we couldn't even get what she was going through. It may sound horrible to us, but I can only imagine living through her experince. She handled it with far more grace than I ever could.

Not being a mother, this book was more about learning to take what life, and God, throws at you. Rolling with it and owning it as your own.

Here is one of my favorite parts about confidence:

"Confidence doesn't always come in surges. Sometime - lots of times- it brews unbeknownst to us, building during the times we feel the least confident - through the tears, the questioning, the self-doubt, the begging God to make it better. Confidence, like contentment, is earned, paved stone by stone until you finally turn back and realize it ll has been pieced together to make it strong. Confidence is a process."

This, I can completely relate to. I like to consider myself a confident person. This is from all of my trials. We all have trials. Kelle had her fair share for sure. Her book exudes her confidence. But her entire book paves her transition from a dark moment to realizing how bright it really was. This experience gave her her confidence to be a most excellent mother.

Not only is her book beautiful because of her honesty, but it is just plain beautiful. The pictures, the quoting, the jacket, the actual book cover. Kelle definitely threw her artistic self into the creating her book. I can totally appreciate a picture book as an adult. Not only do you read about her love for Nella and Laney, but you see it In LARGE amounts.

Bloom really changed my life book-wise. It opened up an entirely new genre of books to read. I am always scared to read someone's personal accounts, but after this, I can tell that they are life changing for the reader. They give you hope and make you appreciate all that you have been given.

Kelle, you and your family are beautiful. Thank you have having the courage and confidence to share you honest story. Thank you for giving me hope that I too can ride the steady current and enjoy the satisfaction f having reach a milestone in this river called life.
Be sure to write your post and link-up or just leave a comment about what you thought! Can't wait!!!
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  1. I have seen this book all over the blogosphere, and I may just need to read it now because of that.


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