Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Guest Post: Pink on the Cheek

While I am cruising away with the King on our honeymoon, I have some fantastic, amazing and down right hilarious gals guest posting for me (so sweet huh?!). Please show them some love as they are sharing their love stories and advice in honor of my wedding!

Hey Lovely Readers, I am Lauren from Pink on the Cheek. I started POTC last October because I need a creative outlet. It started with a little side business of crafting. Then blogging about the crafting and then I remembered how much I loved writing and now it's mostly about the blogging!  
I still love to craft so every now and then you will see some of my art and paintings on my site. 

In my free time outside of work, I love exploring Orange County. 
I moved down here from San Francisco with my boyfriend when he got into law school. 
Since 2007 we have been having fun around the OC, going to dog beach with our pup Mochi, finding new places to eat  (like Umami Burger in Costa Mesa), 
and just making our ordinary life a little less ordinary!

I love to hear back from all readers, so don't be shy about giving a girl a shout!


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