Friday, May 18, 2012

Guest Post: From the Guest Room

While I am cruising away with the King on our honeymoon, I have some fantastic, amazing and down right hilarious gals guest posting for me (so sweet huh?!). Please show them some love as they are sharing their love stories and advice in honor of my wedding!

When I was a teenager living at home with my family, I deeply admired my sister, Amanda, and her beautiful approach to people. She would often write letters, journal or create incredibly thoughtful gestures that always made people feel loved. One day I discovered a letter, mind you, that I probably shouldn't have been looking at, that was a handwritten prayer for her future husband. 
 I must give my sister partial credit for what I decided to do that day. I went out to the local craft store, bought a cute little scrapbook journal, gathered my stickers and papers and began a book that I could one day give to my future husband. I started the book with a note that read to my man, who ever he would be, and left it blank after "Mr.". You'll notice I also left my last name blank! ;) 

 I decided that from then on until the day I got married, I would continue to fill up this book with sealed letters of hopes, dreams, prayers and struggles that I faced on my journey to him. It was a lot of fun. I loved taking moments of time and telling him what I was going through, even when I didn't know him yet. I thought he would like the book, you know when I eventually met, married and then gifted this time capsule of a book to him, but, I didn't realize just how special it would become. 
Dustin, my now husband of 2 and a half years, still to this day has not opened every single letter! He keeps it at his desk and is storing away a few of the letters to read later on in life. And I love that he has that sentimental bone to him that he would decide to do that. I imagine in 30 years, when we are nearing our 60's, he'll get to open a piece of my young love and revisit the anticipation I felt in getting to meet him one day. Though at the time I didn't realize how special this little DIY project would become, I now love to tell other women about it so that they can do the same. Even if you are already married, secretly store away memories, photos, poems, song lyrics and more that you can some day reveal to your Mr.! Maybe even, someday when you may be going through a tough season of life together, it will help rejuvenate your bond and allow you to take a time machine back to the feelings you possessed in your young love! I love a good romantic story, and how much more personal is giving the gift of your own love story from the perspective of your younger years! 

 Have fun! And to my dear new friend Kaylee, all my congratulations and blessings go out to you and your dear Mr.! Marriage will be so much fun, teach you things you never knew you needed to learn, and bless you like you've never been blessed before! I wish the best for you two in all your years together!! Thanks for letting me share my little marriage project! 


  1. Love this sweet notebook, what an awesome idea!!

    Have a great time on your honeymoon!!!

  2. What a great idea! I might have to start something like this!


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Love Kaylee


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