Thursday, May 31, 2012

May... Via Instagram

I'm pretty sure May 2012 can go down in history as one of the biggest months of my life.... I got married, lost my job and started a new path in life. Here it is... May via Instagram:
The Book Club May book; Picnicking in the park; Super prepared for the monster spider attack; 1960s hair do.
I put a ring on it; My favorite dress and necklace; We can legitimately get married; My favorite couple came to town.
Trying to move two people into 300 sq. ft.; Bachelorette party time (its a mocktail, PROMISE!); Marital bliss; Formal night on the honeymoon cruise.
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  1. Ah, I just love your pictures. What a month! You two are such a beautiful couple. :)

  2. Holy moly, you seriously had a busy month, girly!!
    You look gorgeous in that last pic of you two on the cruise!
    Can't wait to see wedding pictures!!

  3. Congrats on so many great changes!! :)


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