Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Book Club - May

Together with Mary Kate (From the Guest Room) and Aubrey (The Kinch Life), every month I will be hosting a book club! Bloggers and non-bloggers welcome.

For May, the votes tallied up in Kelle Hampton's book, Bloom's, favor. 
I bought my copy over at B&N and got 20% for a Mother's Day Special they are running. Hurry up and grab yours and start reading!! 

On May 14th I will be hosting a giveaway where we will be giving away a copy of the book to one lucky reader. Make sure you come back and jump on that great opportunity. Then, about a week before the link-up party, we will post a series of questions about the book. You can choose to answer these questions in your post if you'd like, but if not that's fine too. Just make sure you post about the book and what you learned, loved or grew from the book. 

Friday, May 25th is going to be the big link-up party! I am so excited for this guys. It is my first link-up to host and I cannot wait to see what you all think of the book. I cannot wait to get to know you all better as we bond over this story of a mother's love and growth as a person. If you are a blogger, create a blog post and link it up. If you aren't a blogger, but just a reader, please, leave us a comment of what you thought! It is amazing to see how many of you are joining in this adventure with us and to see my idea "bloom" into what it is now is an incredible feeling. It is only because of loyal readers like you. Thanks for your support and help (I feel like a PBS donation commercial).
In other news, I finally got my engagement ring back yesterday. After "the incident" you bet this puppy is even more protected.
Reunited and it feels so so good! Also, the King doesn't care for my lip color choice. Nor do any men I have accidentally ran into today. The women though? Boy, they love it. What can I say... I'm a lady killer.
Check out that Blang Blang.....


  1. We lost my engagement ring the second week after I got it (we did eventually find it), so I can totally feel your panic. We actually tore our couch apart. Quite literally cut into the fabric of the couch (it wasn't there).

    I love the lipstick too, but most guys seem to hate it! I guess it makes the idea of kissing you a little less appealing if that gets all over their face...

  2. love the lip color! but i'm a woman so...
    also, if you haven't finished it yet, you are going to LOVE bloom.



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