Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lessons Learned as an Almost Newlywed

When you fall in love its all roses and unicorns. Really, it is.
Then you fall deeper into love. That is where commitment comes into play. Its only roses; no more unicorns, but roses. They still smell fantastic and things are great, but just not unrealistic.
Then you decide to combine lives. The roses are there, just with tons and tons of thorn.s They are just as beautiful and wonderful; there is just a lot more to work through and past to see it. 
The thing with marrying someone is that you have to be willing to remove the thorns (no matter how painful that process it.... It is.... Trust me), so you both can enjoy the beautiful and more meaningful rose garden that awaits.
  Enough with the SUPER corny and "rosy" use of symbolism.
The truth of the matter is, the King and I are at the stage where we are combining two different lives so that we can form OUR one life. We had no clue that our lives were different, but what we want is one together, and so that, my friends, requires sacrifice.
I know I know I know. This is a, "duh, you were going to have to do this," kind of situation. I guess what I am getting to it that it is really hard. You want to be selfless, but sometimes you have to be selfish. You have to fight it out, talk it out, kiss it out and then start it all over again. You just do. That is how the whole "marrying someone and staying married" thing works. 
I don't know if he needs to hear this, but I need to say it, if not for him then for everyone else to know this about him. The King is the most responsible, loving, loyal and kind-hearted person I know. He is selfless and charitable. He would only kill a fly if it would be the only thing that would make you happy or if you needed it because that fly was the last thing available for a food source and you needed it to survive. We have been making adjustments career-wise, home-wise and life-wise to prepare for our life together and he has been incredible giving. 
Despite how hard this all is, I know it will be worth it. I know I will never starve. I know I will not want for anything that I need. I know that my children and I will always be cared and loved for. I know this because the King is dedicated to me. I am dedicated to him as well.
So, moral of the story... getting married and making a life is hard. It is worth it. Oh, it is going to be worth it! Being able to be his forever is going to be the best part of it all. I don't care if I have to give my right arm... and my left... it is so going to be worth it.


  1. Love this! When people ask me how marriage is, and especially if it's hard, I tell them that the hardest part is the forming of one life out of two. It's hard with two people's different expectations, dreams, goals, thought processes, etc. to then live together and try to work that out. But it does work! We help each other so much and I'm so grateful I didn't marry someone exactly like me : ) Congrats on getting married soon!

  2. Love your blog! I just saw that you are starting a book club and I am joining in. I am also your newest follower. ;0

  3. Amor, the first thing we're going to do after we get this marriage thing figured out is, get you a real camera.

    I can't have all these pixelated camera phone pictures tarnishing my internet rep. We need some good quality pictures that say: "Hey everybody, come see how good I look!"


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