Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I've been wanting to blog lately. Every day I sit down, ready to type out something funny, awesome, prophetic or inspiring. But nothing. I finally started typing because this is the fourth day in a row I have sat down at my computer, turned it on to an already opened, yet empty blog post page. I figured it was time to write something.

It used to come really easy, sitting down and blogging. Now its so hard. I don't know why. I want to share things. I always want to share thing. Maybe too much. Lately it has just been like there is nothing to tell, nothing to do. Nothing worth mentioning.

The King and I are doing wonderful! My job is so much fun and I love the people I work with. My family loves me and we are all doing well. What more could I want?? 

Maybe just the energy to blog once more.

So tell me, what do you blog about? What gets you going?? What do you want to hear???
The Book Club, don't forget that we have the link-up party on Across the Universe this Friday!! So excited to hear what everyone thought about it. I was pleasantly surprised.
Oh and are you Sharon W.??? If so you won the Across the Universe book giveaway!!!
Email me at BrightandBeautiful.gmail.com with your info so I can get it to you!
Book Swappers, be on the lookout for your books in the mail (and if you haven't mailed it out yet, get on it lovelies!!!).


  1. I have been the same way lately! It comes and goes. I wish it would just stay though!

  2. I have been blogging for three years, regularly since mid January. I am not sure what inspires me, my crazy life... that could be it... unfortunately there is rarely a dull day, not always good. I really enjoy your blog, so write about anything, I will read it :)

  3. I've had that problem lately. My life has been revolving around back to school and seeting up my classroom and teaching my first grades. But I don't want to only talk about that. It's hard to know what to do sometimes.

    Oh! I'm sending out my book tomorrow. I got the dates mixed up with a Back to School swap and Nail Polish swap I'm doing. I'm not this bad usually, I promise!!!

  4. Dude. I don't even know. If you find inspiration anywhere, let me know!

  5. I go through these blogging ruts all the time. I am convinced that it's impossible to stay inspired 100% of the time. We must take these extended breaks to think about our content - otherwise it all gets so redundant.


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