Monday, August 13, 2012

The Impromptu Gwyn Wedding

Last Saturday I received a nonchalant text from Christina (who, I've always referred to as my sister-in-law even though we weren't ... yet). It said, "soooooo we might get married in Alabama Friday." I responded with, "Whhhhhhhaaaaaattttt???????" Then began the CRAZY frantic week of trying to figure out if the King and I could even go, work, doctor's appointments, horrible glucose tolerance tests (for the King, not I) and an eventual, "yeah, we can come."

We left Thursday night right after I got off of work (an 8 hour day outside the castle) and drove through the night, arriving in Alabama at 5am on the wedding day (8/10/12... cool huh?). We got a few hours of sleep, woke up, ate the classic breakfast of eggs, bacon and biscuits, and then proceeded to do wedding-ish stuff. The King played with Mia (what he does best) while I primped the bride (not to be confused with pimp.... she was getting married after all). 

Once the Bride's hair and make-up were properly placed and applied, the King and I walked down to the lake on Grandma and Jake's property and we watched the sweetest kind-of-elopement ceremony ever. So much love, tenderness and peace were felt. No one could doubt the love that Joe and Christina have for each other and their little family. A couple of, "I dos," a kiss and picture taking spree later, we all walked back up to the house for a delicious meal Joesph made for us all. Caramelized sweet potatoes, pulled chicken with a green tomato sauce and white corn. I'm getting hungry thinking of it.

Off into the house the groom and his bride went. Meanwhile, the King and I did what we do best; dominate. We shoe polished the car and added cans to our hearts' delight, found extra bird seed laying around and gave the newlywed couple a proper send off.

As the honeymooned in Huntsville that night, the King and I got to play mom and dad to Olivia and Mia. Let's just say that because you are 9 months old does not mean you will sleep through the night. Best form of birth control we've had yet.

We left Saturday around 2 and I hated leaving that place more than anything. Grandma and Jake's house has a way of making you want to stay. It tears my soul to have to leave. Really, my soul. I would be content staying there the rest of my life. Another 10 hour car ride later, we pulled up into the cottage at 1am Sunday morning. Let's just say that we had a VERY lazy Sunday afternoon and it was perfect.


Welcome "officially" to the Gwyn clan Christina. I'm so happy to call you my sister.
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  1. How sweet! Looks like the perfect family gathering and ceremony! Congrats to them!

    Come by and say hello at


  2. I loooove your dress!!! Gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Tanya! I got it at H&M a while back. LOVE that place.

  3. Sometimes I wish my wedding was that small! That is such a gorgeous place! I can see why you wouldn't want to leave! Congrats to them!

  4. What a perfect and simple wedding! Congrats to them. :)

  5. Aww, congrats to them! Small weddings can really be the best!

  6. I love simple weddings, they just feel extra warm! And I have always longed for a home in the woods...DREAMY!!



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