Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On My Day Off

I really like where I work. In fact, I spend a lot of my time there.
Most people think I was crazy for choosing to accept a low paying job at Universal and staying there despite other job offers in the legal field.
As much as I liked being a paralegal and was GREAT at it, it was hard not to bring home the stress of my work and to be honest, it was mostly unpleasant work. You are almost never helping anyone with a happy situation.

My new job is quite the opposite. When I leave work, I leave work; nothing comes home with me (except for maybe the stinky socks I used that day). I get to help people all day in a "magical" environment and it truly makes me happy. I never hate going into work and I always enjoy my time there. The guests are great and helping them is really my pleasure.

Just thought I would get that out there. Seeing as how that is what I am always doing and that is why I have been so lazy in blogging lately.

Today was my day off. Here is a run down of what I do on my days off, since I'm always on my feet at work and it is usually outside in the heat (P.S. we wear wool sweaters all year round).

I woke up at 10 am.
I finished reading The Book Club's August book, Across the Universe (which I am giving a copy of away here... FOR FREE!)... in my pajamas.
I finished the book and caught up on The Bachelor Pad... in my pajamas.
I ate two things of Bagel Bites.... in my pajamas.
Started reading MWF seeking BFF... in my pajamas.
Thought about not reading it yet because it is already great and I want The Book Club to read it (what say ye?) .... in my pajamas.
I decided to shower so I could hit up the library.... not in my pajamas.
I showered, went to the library and then hit up Target for some mac-n-cheese supplies for the Mac-N-Cheese off at work tomorrow (Erin, be jealous!!!!!).
Now I am at home blogging... in my pajamas.

While in the shower, I realized how much I miss blogging (weird, I know).
I really miss all of the networking/friendshipping I did through blogging and just plain getting my story out there. I really want to make more friends and document my beautiful life with my husband, the King more. 

So, I'm going to have him help me in that:

Hope to have you join us in our adventure. Also, I'll be seeing more of y'all soon!!! Oh, and don't forget about the giveaway!


  1. Nice!!! Count me in for continuing to swap ad spaces!! :) And I am soooo glad you like work. I am a believer in Quality of life over quantity (of money). :)

    1. And that is why I love you darling!!! Thanks for staying around as a sponsor through all of this craziness! I appreciate it!

  2. Kaylee, your soooo funny! I live in my jammies on days off too, it's exhilarating! It's great to love where you work, what a blessing. We need to hang soon. {p.s. Love the captions on your photos}

    1. We DO need to hang out soon!!!! What is your schedule like??? P.S. I totally didn't know you live in Downtown! I used to work in the landmark building right next door. P.S.S. Now I sound like a creeper. I just know this because of the book swap.

  3. Haha you're awesome! I wish I could just stay in my pajama's all day long too! Jealousness!!! :D


    1. Thanks hun! My husband works from home, so he tends to hate seeing me lay around on my days off in PJs when he is having to do work!

  4. haha love it. Im so happy you love working there :) I mean, how could you not love working at Hogwarts?! best place on earth.

    1. Isn't it though!!! I put on my TSATs (our big employee survey) that they need to open up the WWoHP in Germany. Bill Davis (president of Universal Orlando) told me HIMSELF, that they are taking my advice and doing it! Too bad this was all in a dream.

  5. ooh, how is MWF seeking BFF? i read an article about it in the newspaper a month or so ago and have been wanting to read it!

  6. Hey Love! I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check the details on my blog.



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