Wednesday, August 29, 2012

On Failures

Today was my day off (and for once, I didn't sit in my PJs all day.... okay half of it.... but not ALL of it). Lucky for me, my friend (one of my oldest.... not in age, but in amount of time I've known her) Laurel had a a long break in between her classes at school. I picked her up, took her to City Walk at Universal, which was right down the road, and we had lunch and just reconnected. It felt so good to be able to have her close again.
Laurel and I separated back after graduation. I was to be a Florida State Seminole! and Laurel, well, she did the unforgivable and became a Florida Gator.............. we managed to stay close, but through a lot of effort on her part (she's the better friend I tell you). Now she is here in Orlando going to Hospitality school. Having her here in the same town in wonderful and I didn't realize how much I missed her until today.
We grabbed lunch at Panda Express and over our delicious Orange Chicken (om nom nom) we started talking about old high school friends. One friend of ours came up and let's just say I feel sorry for her now. This other friend kind of cut everyone off a while back and is trying to make amends, but she apparently thinks of her friends as failures. One is a failure because they are back at home after college, working two jobs to save up money to move to New York. Another is a failure because she is working as an admissions officer for her former college, has her own office and apartment and is going to be traveling for her new swanky job. The other is a failure because she turned down a big name college, graduated from a state school and is back in central Florida going to school for a different degree and is living with her boyfriend.
This is what I think. All of these girls are very happy. The one isn't. I think success is based on happiness. I also think success should not be judged, based on or determined by anyone other than oneself. I personally think if you are living a happy, full and rewarding life, you, my friend, are the most successful. 
This quote came to mind. It's the gosh darn truth.


  1. It's so amazing to reconnect with a friend:)

    I too believe that success is happiness... without happiness... I don't believe success will follow:)

  2. you two are so cute! and you look exactly the same in the 2003 picture lol. that's a compliment btw - you were a good looking 13 yr old! not stuck in an awkward phase like yours truly. miss you!

  3. I love it - it's so true, success really is based on happiness - or at least it should be!

  4. The quote gets me. it really is a battle..



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