Friday, August 31, 2012

The Book Club - August, "Across the Universe"

Hey fellow The Book Clubbers! So Across the Universe. What did you think??
I'm not going to lie, I was not super duper excited to read it. I've had so many people tell me that this book was great and that I'd like it, but for some unknown reason I tried resisting it! All the way up until The Book Club picked the dang book. Normally I don't like fantasy or sci-fi. Something about not being able to really use my imagination or relate to the characters or their problems.

You know what? I was so surprised! I LOVED it. At first I thought it was slow going and I didn't like that it was back and forth between the two main characters. But then, for who knows what reason, I got really into the book. I loved that the characters were telling the story simultaneously through their own eyes. It made the story flow well. 

I found myself horrified to find out about the lies and deception going on aboard Godspeed. I also didn't realize it was a trilogy. I may have to go out and get the second one.

Did this book change your outlook on Sci-fi or Fantasy? What did you like or not like?? 
Link-up and let us know!!
Next month's The Book Club Book is either the book you received from the Book Club Swap or whatever book you feel like reading!
Spread the word ladies!!!! So excited to see what book everyone is reading!

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