Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Little Me Time.

Turn up your speakers, and listen to this song as you read along. Trust me.... it's worth it.
I'm sitting at my local Starbucks (the one that is right down the road and is always pleasantly deserted) listening to The Lumineers sipping on my fall favorite, Chai Tea Latte. Its amazing. It's a long way from feeling like fall in this part of the state, but this is my season: fall. Every year I manage to trick my mind into believing in the magic of fall despite the change in weather.
I start watching the entire series of Gilmore Girls (because if fall was a show, it would be that one), I drink mass amounts of hot cocoa and chai tea, wear sweaters and scarves (even though I will most likely die of heat stroke) and I get excited for the slightest breeze.
Fall is magic. Everything good happens during fall. Halloween is in fall. School starts and school supplies are the center of fall. Fall is when you get closer to those you love. Fall is magic, and I want to spread that magic.
I needed some "me time." I actually grew to hate that term. Let me explain why. I had an ex-boyfriend who, to get out of hanging out with me, would say, "Kaylee, I just need some me time." I won't say his name. I'm nice like that. Correction, he would say, "Kaylee, I need some Blaise time." Whoooooooops. Was that a name drop?? Anyhoo, I grew to hate that phrase because I felt like it was selfish and passive aggressive. Today, I got it though. I had my day off and I babysat all day to make some extra money and man, did I need some "me time." I went home, made dinner for my loving husband (he told me that the chicken was fine. It was totally dry... he sure loves me). He understood when I told him that I NEEDED to go to Starbucks for just an hour or two to blog, listen to great music, drink fall in a glass and spend some time with little 'ole me.

Me time is good. When you need it, you need it.

So, from one gal to another, go out, treat yourself to some "me time," but make sure it has a bit of fall magic in it. Fall cures everything.


  1. So very very true! I live for me time. I'm introverted though; so me time is when I feel collected and at peace the most :) I wish more women would embrace themselves and spend time with themselves. So many people are afraid of say going to the movies alone or spending the night alone. Time to reflect and center yourself makes you even better for the people in your life when you return to them. Also, I loved the name drop haha.

  2. Fall is my favorite too :) My family thinks I'm crazy... they love summer. But, how can you not love cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, falling leaves and bonfires?!

  3. "Gilmore Girls" definitely has a fall feel to it. You are spot on. Love that show.

    I enjoy "me" time a lot. I'm kind of worried about how that'll work if/when I'm in a relationship. I guess I'll cross that bridge if/when I get there.

  4. I LOVE chai tea lattes! yum! I totally understand the lack of fall in this state but its still fun to pretend :)
    Oh and the name drop was hilarious!

  5. Everyone needs a little 'me' time. It's good for your soul. Oh, and that song has been on repeat in my head for weeks - it is the bomb. Miss you, lady! xoxo

  6. Hi! I'm a new follower! Typically summer is my favorite season, but now that the weather is starting to turn, I'm getting pretty excited for fall! I've been buying Pumpkin Spice Coffee and loving every ounce of it! :)
    From Jenny @


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