Monday, September 17, 2012

A Palm Reading and What My Future Kid Will Look Like

There is this nice old (well not old, but you know, older) Chinese lady at work. I had heard this rumor that she reads palms, so one day, while I was working, I noticed her staring off into the crowd of Muggles at work (P.S. if you are a universal manager and are reading this, I PROMISE we were doing our jobs and that we weren't neglecting our guest service by doing this.... now, read on). This proved to be the perfect time to have her read my palm. She reluctantly agreed.

This is what she told me.

Old Chinese Lady: You don't like to save money, do you?
Me: Ummmmm, no.
Old Chinese Lady: Are you seeing anyone?
Me: No. I'm married.
Old Chinese Lady: Ohhhhhhhhhh.
Me: Yeah.
*Awkward silence.*
Me: What?

Old Chinese Lady: How old are you?
Me: 22.

Old Chinese Lady: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Me: What?

Old Chinese Lady: You married too young.
Me: What????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Old Chinese Lady: It's okay I guess.
Me: It better be.

Old Chinese Lady: You will have loooooong successful career.
Me: Here?! Really.

Old Chinese Lady: Loooooonnnnnnng career. Gooooood career.
Me: I guess that's nice.

Old Chinese Lady: YOu have at least one kid.
Me: *dissapointed* just one?

Old Chinese Lady: At LEAST one.
Me: Okay, cool.

Old Chinese Lady: You live long life.
Me: Awesome!

Old Chinese Lady: But have bad health later.
Me: Say what??

Old Chinese Lady: Wayyyy later. But still, bad health.
Me: Psh, yeah right, I'm going to start my epic running career this afternoon.

Basically, I got one thing out of that. I'm having at least one kid. ANd, between you and me, I know what that one kid will look like.

Everyone tells me I look like Hilary Swank. On a daily basis.
I think that the King looks similar to Adrien Brody (but wayyyyyy hotter).
We saw The Amazing Spider Man this weekend. It had Andrew Garfield in it.
Moral of the story:
Me + the King = Andrew Garfield for a son.

Heading off to see The Blue Man Group tonight with the King. Thanks Universal for hooking us up with free tickets!

Oh, and don't forget to vote for The Book Club's October Book to read. And I'm so excited for the link up next Friday for the Book Swap we did last month!



  1. Omg best son ever? Probably. You are amazing.

  2. OMG andrew garfield <3 too bad he doesn't exist yet, or i would totally ask for an introduction!

  3. Kaylee that is so funny, I do think you look Hillary Swank:)

  4. LOL. Love it. And yes, you do look like Hilary Swank for sure.

  5. hahaha sounds like the worst palm reader ever!

  6. Um, yes, you totally, absolutely do look like Hilary Swank. Pretttttty sure you need to be her movie-double.


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