Monday, September 10, 2012

A Quick Little Update

I had an epiphany yesterday; I haven't been able to blog because I have been really happy. I really started to get into blogging back when I sat in an office all day doing mundane tasks and then I was in a job where I was miserable AND THEN I was fired, so I was at home all day. Now, I am married, happy and busy with a job I really like. It makes it harder to find time to blog. Don't get me wrong. Almost every day, I think of something fun and awesome I want to share and then I get home (with every intention of blogging) and I start to hang out with my husband (who is the best), and next thing I know it is time for bed. I'm really hoping I can fall back into my obsessive love relationship with blogging.

Anyhoo, this little nugget of love turned the Big One on Saturday. It is nuts how quickly she grew up.
Master Tutiful (our loving nick-name for her) is babbling all the time and almost walking. Plus she's a chunker; quite the change from when she was born a little over 4 pounds. Read more about her here. Happy birthday Tootie.

Also, my Aunt Stephani turned 50 yesterday.

To celebrate, the King and I had a photoshoot. Completely normal.

Does anyone else think that the King could be a GQ model? Seriously. He'll be bringing in the dough while I am scaring people off with my pictures.

Oh, and I just found these pictures of Ryleigh:




  1. Omg she is seriously so cute. and you have the best smile ever!

  2. PRECIOUS! I don't think there's another word to describe all of those pictures. Except maybe the one of you super hardcore being awesome. There's probably another word to describe that one, but I think it's probably just too awesome for silly things like words.


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