Friday, September 21, 2012

Being a Parent for a Weekend

The King and I (and our baby fever) are getting a sweet does of reality this weekend. We're being "parents" for a whole weekend. Two sweet kids,  a 4 year old boy and a 2 year old girl, are our guinea pigs.

Last night was our first night and it wasn't too bad.

Then came today. I had to wake up before the children. Or I thought I was, but I guess the kids knew to wake us up before we could wake them up. 6:30 is a harsh reality wake up time.

Then, making breakfast, getting them dressed and to school took more energy than I thought. After dropping the 4 year old off at school, the 2 year old and I decided to go to the farmer's market to grab some "nanas." There was a cop tailing me the entire time (p.s. I'm in a minivan). Once we pulled into the parking lot of the market, the cop blocked me from getting out. Apparently the tags on the car were expired and thanks to the cutie in my backseat, the cop decided to write us a warning. We also left with a sicker and coloring book.

Hours later, I tried going into Walgreens. I now would like to formally apologize to my mother for all the times that I asked for everything in the store. I get it now.

They are napping now, and that is the only time I have had to shower and to sit down and blog. When they wake up, I'm going to attempt to take them to the Science Center and then to Downtown Disney tonight? Ambitious? I think so.

To all parents everywhere.... Bless you.

(Pictures to come soon!)


  1. Oh infants are much more taxing because you have to pick them up if they're crying, etc. They don't come to you crying. Best of luck this weekend! I'm sure you two will do splendidly!

  2. Omg I read this whole post but all I took from it was Downtown Disney!! That used to be our home away from home. Like we literally went there at least twice a week. Have a pumpkin hot cocoa from Ghiradelli for us. and visit the Lego store obviously. if you wanna buy some sweet Star Wars Legos then kudos to you guys. and get an Earl of Sandwich for us!!!

  3. you are impressive-- we are newlyweds and probably couldn't keep track of little ones for a weekend! that's good practice though :)
    love your blog, and we're your newest followers! follow back XO

  4. lol thanks for blessing me! :P At least you got try-outs! I didn't get that opportunity. Just the munchkin. :)
    DOWNTOWN DISNEY!? One of my favorite places. Well, used to be. It's not nearly as cool as it once was. They've changed a lot. :( It's best at Christmastime. And to "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot": That pumpkin hot cocoa sounds fabulous. Might need to try that soon. Orlando is calling me! :P

    Also, Kaylee, I hope you enjoyed HHN. I'm totes jealous. Can you get me tickets on the cheap? haha. <3 Your blog rocks.

  5. Wow!! I give you a ton of credit for taking this on! I took my 4 year old niece overnight for a few days and we went to Disneyland, that girl wiped me out!! I really give parents credit! I'm sure you guys are doing great and will have a lot of fun though! :)

  6. Oh my gosh, being a mama is exhausting and wonderful. It is also very eye opening;)

  7. Lol! I hear it's different when you raise them from the time they're born, and I REALLY hope it's true. About a year ago, the husband and I watched a 12, 10, and 5-year-old for a 3-day weekend, and let's just say that they definitely were not disciplined in the way that my children will be, and they were NOT well-behaved at ALL. But... it's better when they're you're own, right? Yeah... I hope.

    Also, I'll email you about book club. I'm pretty sure it's a go. I just had to check with Kim and I think she's cool with it, so now I just need to get you in the loop! lol


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